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In my effort to not put too much OT into existing threads, I’m going to vandalize this (almost) peaceful forum with useless arguments, like the one I’m going to introduce.

While listening to the Youtube podcast uploads by @besmaller (nice job!) and enjoying the pleasure I had back then, I was asking myself a few things.

It was clear since the last months of the production stage, that many great fans got really enthusiast about the podcast. There was this spontaneously shared irony about the fact that we’re probably gonna like the podcast more than the actual game.

Do you think the fact that the Special Editions of Monkey Island 1 & 2 had a commentary played an important role in their success?

Do you think that the commentary there had its reason only in the “cult” status of two older games?

Do you think the whole “meta” thing would have been made more vibrant with the presence of a live commentary in TWP?


MI1:SE was their first try, there was no commentary yet but the re-releases of MI2, DOTT, GF and FT all had one.
For me the commentary is a strong selling point because I own these games anyway and can already play them on any platform I like. I don’t also care much about the new graphics or other features like achievements.
(But I’d buy them without commentary nevertheless just to support these type of games.)

One reason I’ve backed so many games on Kickstarter is because sometimes you can follow the development closely. It’s like a live making-of. Uncut.


Right, I forgot that.

This is one of the thing I appreciated most. Also for me it became like a short series, with episodes. Enough short to let me get interested and follow it regularly, but still very interesting in contents. I heard of many aspects of this kind of production for the first time.


I was unaware that the MI2 Special Edition had some embedded commentary. I had the MI1 Special Edition previously, and as a result of this discovery (thank you), I just purchased the MI2 Special Edition.

So for me, it definately had an effect for MI2 SE :slight_smile: Although probably too late…

I don’t know, that’s a tough one. I would love a commentary for TWP, but not for that reason. I think part of the games’ charm is it’s unanswered questions, and I would be concerned with something spoiling that. But to the degree it could ADD to that, somehow, with appropriate commentary, it would be a very good thing.


I’m glad to hear that :wink:

Yes, that’s right. Above all, you make me remember that podcasts spoiled nothing, instead they worked to help me being confortable with game mechanics and settings.