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Just released adventure games


that’s why it’s interesting :slight_smile:

Gibbous will be out later today. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Great Perhaps:

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DARQ was released on GOG and Steam.

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Isn’t it a platformer? :thinking:

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There are levers -> adventure game.

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In that case, the '90s adventure game Ion Fury just came out.

It’s made on the Build engine.


Also on GOG and it looks great!

Well… :smiley:
If ‘adventure’ is not at least in the top 17 of Steam keywords then it’s a very generous interpretation of adventure game genre :slight_smile:

Maybe, but… :japanese_ogre:

Edit: they also have a dev blog

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At exactly 11:00 in the video of Ion Fury, they mention the game has references to Maniac Mansion => adventure game

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…“From Maniac Mansion to Breaking Bed”…

That’s what happens when you keep tying all those boys to it, Edna!

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It’s a little bit short (the blog, especially in comparison the some other dev blog…), but interesting!

Now to something completely different: That’s one Kickstarter game I was eagerly awaiting!

Knights and Bikes got released on Friday to backers (which is a nice but uncommon gesture) and will be released tomorrow for all on various platforms.

For PC you will be able to get it on GOG and Steam.
PS4 version will also be available.

It looks super cute and has similarities to (oldschool) Zelda. Plus there is co-op!
And of course you can ride bikes.

Here’s a nice trailer:

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All kinds of 80s movies vibes/inspiration/copycatting here (Goonies - the same plot… the very same!-, E.T., Wargames…)
Also reminds me of Broken Age in style (at first sight, as I have played neither)

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The Castle is out! THE VERY SAME!


Just 26 megabytes :slight_smile:
I am now going to take control of sister Angela, trained by the very same Vatican!


the humour is strong, at least in the beginning. It starts really brilliant.
I chose Angela and the girl who wants to be bitten by the vampire! I thought maybe she would be fearless and give me an advantage!

I can see it is going to be hard. A lot of locations and objects. It feels exactly like Maniac Mansion. (but with the monkey 2 UI)


Oh, so nice EGA graphics! And gameplay seems to be exactly like Maniac Mansion, including dead ends!

Now I have to buy a game on Steam :face_vomiting:, oh well.
I hope it’s DRM-free beside the Steam client.

I have found this review about the game (ATTN spoiler: don’t read the tips etc. after the review!):

There are two comments from “Carles”, who seems to be the game developer!

Here are some google translated comments:

The game is obviously inspired by Maniac Mansion. I did it as a hobby and I wasn’t sure to publish it, so I had it a year saved.


I recognise that it is a difficult game and that it has dead tracks


My next game is sure to be easier and for a wider audience.

Dang it! :slight_smile:

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