Which adventure games are in your wishlist?

Regardless of it being a Steam wishlist, a GOG wishlist or a piece of paper written by you, what are the adventure games that you would like to have in the future?

Here are the games that I find more interesting:

  1. “Four Last Things”, monty-pythonesque hilarious short game with graphics made from Renaissance-era paintings!

  2. “Paradigm”, also funny and surreal.

  3. “Kentucky Route Zero”, but I’ll get it only when they’ll complete the series.

  4. “Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler”, because it should be fun to play again a game drawn by Bill Tiller.

  5. “Prominence”, because I would like to play a sci-fi PnC adventure game

  6. “The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy”

  7. “Kelvin and the Infamous Machine”

  8. “Syberia 3”, but only after the developers will fix a few things.


I have (at least) two different kind of whishlists:

  1. Games I want to buy.
  2. Games I want to play.

ad 1.: Regarding adventure games this list is rather short because I have a job and can buy nearly any game I want, which I often do since I want to support this genre in particular.

ad 2.: This list is super long because I have a job and no freakin’ time AAHHHHH! :angry:

So basically my first list mostly consists of games which aren’t available DRM-free.

Regarding your list: Yes, you should definitely get most of the games you’ve listed, especially Paradigm!

  • I haven’t heard about Prominence yet.
  • Syberia 3 currently has a lot of (different kind of) issues. But the fact it was originally released with Denuvo automatically moves it to my only-buy-with-90%-discount-wishlist anyway :frowning:
    It’s a shame, I really like Syberia 1 & Syberia 2

Here’s a list of adventure games which are still on my GOG wishlist but I’ll buy rather sooner than later:

Do you include games currently in development?

Good choice. I got it when 3/5 parts were done. Then I had to wait a year to play part 4, at which point my memory of the first 3 parts had already faded a bit. And now I’m waiting twice as long or longer already, and I have no more clue what I did in the previous parts, nor what they were about even.

The game has great atmosphere, but indeed, I think it will be more enjoyable if you can play the entire game at once without having to wait years between “epîsodes”.


Here is another great looking game (story and graphics wise) I’m looking forward to since about one year:
The Lion’s Song

Since all episodes are now done I’m hoping for a release on GOG or another DRM-free platform…

It’s not a very well known game but within those that are set in a sci-fi environment is probably the one that I like the most. It has good reviews, too.

To me the biggest issue is that it departed quite a bit from the previous two chapters. Part of the reason why I liked some of Sokal’s games is that they mix the mechanical world with nature. Both Syberia (1 and 2) and “Amerzone” show it. In Syberia 3 there aren’t (many) automatons and that makes the setting a bit less interesting to me.

Technical issues can be fixed. Settings and story can’t.

I have read reviews of all of them, they seem very good games. I decided not to put them in my wishlist because I wasn’t interested in the platform element of “Night in the Woods” and I wasn’t inspired by the story and graphic style of the other two games.

I wanted to focus more on games that have been already released and reviewed, so that the desire of buying/playing them isn’t only a consequence of expectations.

My expectations for Syberia 3 were huge but now that the game has been released and reviewed, I have decided not to buy it anytime soon.

I agree, the issue that you described is exactly what I would like to avoid.

In the past I have purchased and played other episodic games, but they were Telltale games, and I was pretty sure that their release schedule would have been respected.

Yes, technically the first episode of that series is already in my wishlist, it’s even a free one. I have not downloaded it because there are other games that I should/want-to play first.

That’s a beautiful looking game. Does its gameplay involve combat activities or is it more similar to exploration games like Journey?

That’s also something I like.

I heard there may be flaws in the puzzle design of Syberia 3 too but good story and atmosphere can still save it. I hope they will fix those issues in some adequate way, but unless they release it on GOG I won’t touch it anyway.

Obviously I haven’t played it but I never got the impression the game is platform heavy in any way (but also not puzzle heavy), I think it’s mainly story based. I’d say it’s probably less a platformer than The Cave is (the game pages say it’s point’n’click).

I’m sure of that but I’ve watched a let’s play video and I’ve seen that it also has something similar to a guitar-hero session and a dungeon-exploration session (it remembered me of that part of Machinarium in which you have to play a dungeon game to collect things. it was the only boring part of the game). It’s the sum of these different genres and minigames that make the game less interesting to me, especially if you consider that some of these different genres require dexterity.

Looking at the trailers, I’d say that it’s more similar to exploration games, without combat activities.

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Yes, I have seen this in the trailer and wasn’t that impressed :slight_smile:
It seems to contain quite a lot mini-games but I’ll definitely buy it.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth (good story, weak/less puzzles):

You can try for free “Longest Night”:

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I perceive a lot of interest around this title. I think that a good part of people’s fascination comes from the fact that they have read the best-selling book or that at least they know the story. I know nothing about the story, though, and that implies that I need at least to do a bit of research to understand if the game might be my cup of tea. The setting is intriguing, though.

Thanks. Since I’ll buy it anyway: Should I play this before or after Night In The Woods?

Good question. I haven’t played “Night in The Woods” yet, so I can’t answer your question.

But my advice would be to play “Longest Night” and especially “Longest Night: Lost Constellation” at or short before Christmas. :slight_smile: (“Longest Night: Lost Constellation” is available for free too.)

AFAIK the stories of these two little games are different to the one of NITW.

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In random order:

  • Pajama Sam. I totally missed that one when it came out, was too old when I realised it’s by Ron Gilbert. But now my kids might play it (I think it’s available in more languages, so I don’t have to translate everything like when they want to play MI).
  • quest for glory
  • book of unwritten tales 2 ( still need to play the first though)

If the cave can be considered as an adventure game, then:

  • inside (I loved the atmosphere in Limbo)
  • another world

Now I have already bought a lot of games I still need to play (or can have the joy to play for the first time): King’s quest V to VII, space quest series, Blackwell series, Gabriel knight 3, The next big thing, a Vampyre story, Runaway 2 & 3, … plus a bunch I want to replay. Oh and RPG’s (still need to start Baldur’s gate 2). So many games, so little time…

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Don’t forget the other ones, you can get most of them here: Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack on Steam (sadly only Pajama Sam is on GOG).

Hear, hear.

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Syberia 3 was released on GOG (currently discounted by 57% for four days).
You get the soundtrack (MP3 and FLAC) and An Automaton With a Plan DLC too.

I don’t know how the current bug situation is but there was also an update on Steam, so it doesn’t look that bad.

By the way, the first Syberia is currently available for free!

Thimbleweed Park is on my Playstation wishlist.

For me those are

Heaven’s Vault
State of Mind
The Devil’s Men
The Journey Down
The Last Windmonk
The Darkside Detective

The first three are nowhere near release yet, the others I’ll likely pick up over the next few months.