Just released adventure games

The prequel to Maniac Mansion :slight_smile:
But I think it´s only german.


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I recommend Ghetto Conspiracy (+18 rated)

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it’s out already? I didn’t see any announcement…

Beta English version available since May 2018. It’s quite right, maybe some translations issues because the original version is French.

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Sam Mallard - The Case of the Missing Swan (Warning: It’s made for the ZX Spectrum)


Little Misfortune was released on GOG and Steam!

You can also try the demo:


For a complete game that is 32.6K in size it looks fantastic. A simple C “Hello World” is already 8.2K on my machine:

kai@Britannia:~$ cat hw.c
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
       printf("Hello, World!");
       return 0;
kai@Britannia:~$ gcc hw.c -o hw
kai@Britannia:~$ ls -lha hw
-rwxr-xr-x 1 kai kai 8.2K Sep 18 21:50 hw

What a godawful bloated language C is :smiley:.


Try to compile it with CC65. :wink:

kai@Britannia:~$ cc65 hw.c -t c64 -o hw.s
kai@Britannia:~$ ca65 hw.s -t c64
kai@Britannia:~$ ld65 -o hw -t c64 hw.o c64.lib
kai@Britannia:~$ ls -lha hw
-rwxr-xr-x 1 kai kai 2.7K Sep 18 23:06 hw

2.7K. But I am going to think that installing a C64 emulator will more than nullify the gain :wink:.

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Not necessary if you have the real hardware. :wink:

/edit: btw: Do you have to link both .libs?

I don’t think I get the joke/reference. :slight_smile:

Edit: never mind, the Sam Mallard thing right above Little Misfortune.

You got me there! I missed having a C64 by about a year or two. Probably for the best, since I doubt I’d be given an Amiga so soon otherwise.

I only followed the instructions, but I assume yes.

And now back on topic. Finally, after years in the making, here is Jenny LeClue, Detectivu:

I’ve yet to receive my GOG key, but pretty excited to give it a go :slight_smile:.


These are great news! :smiley: Can’t wait to play Jenny!

And here the link to the GOG version of Jenny:


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That’s also a game I was following and awaiting since the Kickstarter campaign!

First impressions of Little Misfortune and Jenny LeClue?

I read LM has like 3 puzzles, and there are some unexpected negative reviews.

Thimbleweed Park was kind of re-released: It’s now available via Google Play Pass which is a subscription service for Android:

Blog entry:

Yes, Little Misfortune is not about puzzles and it’s quite linear, it’s about the story.

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$5/month sounds reasonable… that being said, I’d much rather just pay $10 for TWP. For all you know I’d take two months anyway.[1] But Ace Attorney is sufficiently expensive at € 20 per game that I’d definitely consider just paying € 5 for a month or two instead. Particularly since I wouldn’t count on these Android games still working in five years anyway.

[1] I didn’t take two months with TWP, but the last game I started playing was Ion Fury and that was over a month ago. I’m just now finishing up Telltale Batman which started in… 2016? Suffice it to say I’ve spent less than €5/month since 2016.

Edit: huh, what’s this then? https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bljp3hc34vwdmhfktjbfifo27e4&tid=song-Twhqlautso63ewggo5jrwuqoucq

Edit 2: somewhat low quality YT audio here:


Just wait for their next album where they have discovered the HintTron 3000™ and contains hits like:

“Hint Me Baby One More Time”,
but then followed by:
“Stuck In Thimbleweed Park Sewer”


“Who wants to live forever”
“Gilbert killed the Video-Star-Puzzle”

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