Just saw this on Ron Twitter

C’mon… no one needs this to finish it…

…though I missed the optional 31, I guess.

You hold the official speed run record for this game! Take this shirt and go to 0.


That was quite funny ^^

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Which software did you use for making the graph?

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I used XMind.

It’s not the best software for working on graphs, but in this case it’s OK.

Oh no.

Oh no no no no no.

Sorry but I used XMind on a previous job and I still have PTSD from that. From the job, not from XMind, but still.


I’m sorry for your experience! Regardless of the specific software, mind maps prove to be quite useful in my line of work, from brainstorming to classification to just clarifying ideas. And I use them also for hobbies, as you can see.

You could even use them for your puzzle dependency charts!

At work!
And your boss wouldn’t notice it even.
No need for that boss key.

I also prefer to use xmind whenever I want to focus on content rather than on form. In contrast in programs like Visio… well…. you can spend a lot of time trying to draw things perfect and still have lines that are not straight.


Now you’re giving me PTSD and I’ve barely even used V.

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What would be the best, better software for such charts or a compareable software to XMind, free or without a subscription?

That depends on what you need it for. And the OS you use.


I assume that you are interested in applications for just drawing graphs. If this is the case, I’m afraid I’m no expert about free drawing tools of this kind. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


With “working on graphs” I was referring to graphs in the mathematical sense. In this sense, a graph is usually created with a programming language or a statistic software and then augmented and stylized using applications like Gephi, which is open source and free.

For example, if I wanted to answer a question like “Which room in that adventure game is the most important one?” I would have used Gephi, which is able to answer that question. But in this case I wanted just to draw something, so XMind is OK. :stuck_out_tongue:

@jade, if that’s indeed the case, and if you don’t mind a text-based approach, I’m a big fan of

It’s especially handy if you want to generate graphs from within your own software, but I also use it from time to time to make graphs by hand.

It also has the benefit that you do not have to deal with the layout, but OTOH it’s not so great if you aim for a particular layout.

Then also LibreOffice Draw would work.

To LowLevel and kaiman: I’m interested in an easy way to draw nice graphs which show dependencies like in yours, for macOS, free or with a reasonable price tag but without a subscription. It doesn’t need to able to test logic or offer many complex options. I just want to create nice looking graphs easily (no code) without fighting.

If you like this one, there is also a macOS version of it.

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Then have a look at

  • LibreOffice Draw (yes, it has capabilities to draw diagrams) or
  • Yed:

Thanks (to everyone) for the suggestions. I’ll give them a try. From a very quick test diagrams.net looks like a capable option but there also is a certain amount of micromanagement involved which I would have preferred to avoid (the program being more clever, learning to deal with mundane properties on its own).

It’s ok to change your mind


I heard rumors that he was a fan

CANNOT WAIT https://t.co/Qtmx2zyqgE

— Elijah Wood (@elijahwood) June 29, 2022
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Interesting and funny thread that starts with this tweet: