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I love French buy that is so true. Even at A Level I looked constipated during speaking exams.

And has watching “Dark” taught you any german so far?


(I have the open mouth not because Essen is one of the uglier cities in Germany :wink: )

Indeed. Due to his history (the many Gastarbeiter) the whole region around Essen lost the dialect nearly completely. But even in Munich (if we talk about the city) most people speak Hochdeutsch. It’s sad that the dialects vanish slowly.

Yes, you can! :slight_smile: Another big issue is the dative and the genitive - a lot of Germans don’t get that right. One of the most sold books was “Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod” (I can’t translate this title into English because it plays with the wrong use of dative and genitive).

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Hey - the best way to learn German is to play adventure games in German! :wink:

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Yeah, you know. That´s a bit stupid. Because it completly ignores dialect (like Bavarian) where that isn´t considered wrong.

Something we also do more than other germans is adding the article before saying peoples names and I actually feel weird not doing that when I speak german.

But only with voice acting!

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Funny you should mention that, actually…

I bought this in Germany a few years ago and never got round to playing it. The disk drive on my laptop is broken, but when I get round to getting a new one, this game is being played! :smiley:


Not so much, but I did it at GCSE. I was good at it but much preferred French.

German people are great though! [good save Kate]


Sure, next you say something like: “Many of my best friends are germans, actually!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only you :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww. :blush:

Too bad, it doesn’t have the Boris Schneider translation for MI2. It is included for MI1, though. Another flaw is, you have only English subtitles in classic mode. And MI1’s classic mode has no voice acting at all, which can be fixed with the Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder.
And of course, like the box says, there is no German voice acting (unlike the other Monkey Island games).
For a Lucas adventure game with really good German voice acting, I’d recommend Grim Fandango. The only game I liked the German version even more then the original.
And of course the Daedalic adventures, which have German as the original language. (Except for 1954 Alcatraz, which was written in English)


It’s odd that some versions have some features but not others, when they’re all on the same disc! And hey, you’re right… Of all things, why didn’t they include German voice acting?!

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out sometime :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess, they really wanted to sell that DVD dirt cheap, which is a pity indeed. I certainly would have paid more, if both games had the Boris Schneider translation and German voice acting of at least the same quality CMI and EMI had.

Someone, you impress me!

Even I, that don’t speak but a few words of German, am pleasantly surprised by Bavarian people! Just play this video and look at the difference with all the other dialects! It’s plain to see! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would also recommend “Sam and Max Hit the Road”. You can still get it on GOG (with German audio).

And really good voice acting!

Because it’s very expensive to record the voices. Especially for an old adventure game the recordings would be a high risk.

Maybe we should start a German Voice Over Project for Monkey Island (or short GVOPFMI). :wink:

It wasn’t that cheap at first - AFAIR 30 Euros. But for MI1 and MI2.

Like this?

First: Don’t trust these videos. :wink: And second: Bavaria is a Freistaat (Free State). So it doesn’t belong to Germany. Formally. Somehow. Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahaha… yes, something like that :smile:

Don’t you believe in kalokagathia? :slight_smile:

I already have that game! Time to install the German version! :smile:

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Yeah, I know I shouldn´t…but while I watching I soon stopped caring about pronounciation anyway…:heart_eyes:




I tend to write it the same way - maybe this is a German “problem”? :slight_smile:

Actually I think it’s quite a common one.

I’ve started being more nitpicky on here and I don’t like myself for it (especially since half the people aren’t native English speakers). I just can’t help myself :pensive: maybe I should start a private thread with just me in it, where I can, er, get it out of my system :boxing_glove:

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