Let’s play Limbo

Perhaps, but in Limbo it felt cheap. The bigger problem perhaps is that it takes an eternity to get back into the action. In Super Meat Boy you can start over while your body is still being sliced to pieces and VVVVVV just plops you right back in. Whereas in Limbo you’re forced to watch yourself fall down a pit for half a minute while you impatiently tap your fingers. Even “death porn” Tomb Raider doesn’t take that much pleasure in Lara’s one-second impalements and dismemberments.

Now Super Meat Boy is overall a more annoying game than Limbo because despite tight controls you generally have to do much more nonsense replay just because you failed to make that last jump, but in between 2010 contemporaries Limbo, Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV, I do think Limbo stands out rather negatively, even if Super Meat Boy is an unattractive game.

It doesn’t help that I fairly recently played Mark of the Ninja, either. An excellent puzzle stealth platformer, that one.

I got the “Alone in the Dark” achievement. If the others are of the same caliber I’m not too interested. :slight_smile:

Not literally? They take 5 seconds at most. Unless you’re being sliced while falling or something…
even then I think there is a skip button.

Not sure about achievement names, but you need to collect 11 glowing things and then there is a certain place you can go and pass into a whole new secret level. It’s fun. But perhaps you should do that with a guide one day in a year or so.

Anyway… for exactly €0.000, it was worth playing, right?

$7.34, actually.


Not literally half a minute, but only in rare circumstances does it take only five seconds. It frequently took over 10. I literally rejoiced at “mere” 3-second deaths.

“Yes, the screen’s already turning black!”

Right, I forgot that. But you probably bought the bundle for some other games.

This bundle contained 8 games (+ 5 soundtracks), so it’s more like $7.34/8

I bought it for Limbo & Psychonauts.

Perhaps, but if I thought of it that way I might never buy a bundle due to wasting money on stuff I don’t want. I think of it more as, e.g., $3 Psychonauts, 1.5 Limbo, .5 “Humble tip”, $2 charity, the rest free extras. (That’s merely a reasonable assumption. I don’t know precisely what I was thinking when I bought it.)

Funny… IMO, that first hour (say first third of the game in number of “levels”) is the strongest. I guess it depends on how you consider the game and what your expectations are going in. I started playing it in the demo version, with no idea of what kind of game it was, what the mechanics were and so on… quite different from picking up a point&click adventure game and expecting a verb UI.
So I was more focused on the totality and not on, say, the very simple puzzles/obstacles that teach you the mechanics. Talking of which, Limbo gets bonus points from me for not having any (explicit/obvious) tutorial like that and for having an almost perfect difficulty curve. (Although near the end, some stages are frustratingly difficult). Most importantly, it is a FUN game to play. Even failing and dying is fun in a way. And part of the gameplay, unlike a real platform game where you’d have limited number of lifes.
The visuals, atmosphere and (implied) story are quite unique - until everyone else started copying it. The immersiveness (no saving/loading required although you can reload), the single flowing storyboard-like presentation (stronger in the first half of the game with the camera zooming in/out on more scenes).
And all of that taking up less than 100Mb on the hard drive! Some of the other free games in that Humble Trove were a tenfold of that and not nearly as interesting.
Of course everyone is free to like or dislike this game, but to me it is a real classic that rightly deserved its place in the book “1000 video games you should play before you die”.
Oh yeah, the demo stops at the point where you get stuck in the spider webs and then you see the spider coming… talking of which: that whole spider use was both frightening as funny and both inventive and gruelling. I instantly bought an unlock key (yes, no need to download/install another exe :+1: ) for €7.5 or so.

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That’s exactly what I was saying actually. The first hour or so is pretty good, but once the novelty wears off you’re just left with a drag of a game (=not much fun) for a couple of hours until you reach the final stages.

[Edit: Incidentally, my wife quit on the game without ever finishing it years ago, somewhere in the early middle.]

There are a few fun things sprinkled around to keep you from quitting. E.g., some of the water puzzles, some of the forced walking, and most of the physics puzzles. But for me it very much wasn’t like Super Monkey Ball or VVVVVV where you don’t want to stop playing.

Looks like they also stuck VVVVVV on there. :slight_smile: Which is even smaller I might add. :wink:

I forgot about this thread.

I wanted to recommend Inside to @Frenzie but perhaps it has a lot of the elements he doesn’t like from Limbo…

I’ve forgotten if @Sushi’s played Inside?

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Not yet… ask me again in 5 to 10 years :wink:

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I might still check it out. Are the deaths less slow by any chance?


No. I lied. They’re quite long. There must be a button to skip though, if it bothers you?

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Anyway, I might still consider picking it up in a sale on the general principle of puzzle platformers — but I wouldn’t spend much more than about €5 on it based on my experience with Limbo.

It looks like you can’t link to reviews on GOG, but this one also hits on the hugely prolonged death thing. It’s currently on page 3 of the Inside reviews.

Plus, some of the puzzles are rather frustrating, with each death (and there is a ton of them) it takes a good few seconds to get you back to the previous point. It’s distracting and not fun. The charm is broken.

So bottom line: if you like puzzle platformers in general and like Limbo, go for this. If you like Limbo but don’t play many games in this genre, I suggest waiting for a major price drop.

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Next week, you can pick up Limbo for free on Epic store (July 18th until the 25th)

And next week, I will be picking up the sequel Inside for naught!

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And what about the prequel? :thinking:

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How did I ever miss this?!?

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That’s impressively trash.
It is on the Swiss television, I recognize the logo. I always watched that channel as a child.

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There are many other versions of that song on YouTube. :slight_smile: