Let’s play Limbo

Step 1) get it for free today/tomorrow (or just pay for it later…)
Step 2) play
Step 3) get stuck and ask for (gentle) hints here
Step 4) finish it and discover there is a whole hidden section to unlock
Step 5) feel sad that you completed it
Step 6) after completing, discuss about the true meaning of the game (using spoiler tags)

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Oh I see, the controls were fighting me so I discarded the obvious solution too early.

I think I played it with the keyboard…

That’s not what I mean at all… the game is just awkward to control, like Tomb Raider 1.

To my wife I said something stupid like “this isn’t tight like Mega Man.”

Edit: but that’s more about the controls in general, in this case I just thought you couldn’t really swing on the rope without falling off.

I played (and completed) Tomb Raider 1 with keyboard controls too!
I had started replaying it once in Dosbox and comparing it to the Anniversary Edition (with controller) and I can actually play better with the keyboard than all these complex controls/movements.

I am old-skool-trained. Or just old. :wink:


But I’m not talking about keyboard vs controller. Legend/Anniversary/Underworld/2013/Rise/Shadow[1] control much better than TR1-2-3. That’s true with keyboard(+mouse) and that’s true with a controller.

[1] Presumably, unless they somehow managed to mess it up. I’ll probably buy it eventually, but not for the current €70.

I think the new series, starting with Legend, has too many moves/buttons/combinations for my brain to remember.
Indeed it isn’t a controller vs keyboard thing. I think I started playing Anniversary with keyboard too… and in the very first scene (still outside on the friggin’ mountain, you had to shimmy and do sideways leaps and stuff by pressing E and then G while pressing in a direction or something. In the original TR1, you just walk in the cave from the small patch of snow. :laughing:

Same here! I like the keyboard and hate controllers. :wink:
:joystick:, :computer_mouse: and :keyboard: for the world!

(Do we need a controller thread? :slight_smile: )

I am playing Limbo with an X-box controller right now… and actually it is easier/better than the keyboard controls! Because now jump is a button instead of “up”. They only overdid a bit with the force feeback… I mean why should it vibrate when you’re climbing a rope?

But I’m just talking about the basic platforming. The grappling hook and such may or may not be better, but to me they feel very Lara. Btw, that isn’t in 2013 and didn’t return until Rise. Anyway, you can do all kinds of cool platforming to solve bell puzzles more complex than almost anything in 2013 straight from the get go. (I think that was in Underworld but it may have been Legend.)

To do that cool platforming in the original Tomb Raider required hours upon hours of practice.

After you’ve completed a grueling obstacle course in Croft Manor. Didn’t they take that part out and replace it with the entrance gymnastics?

The part where the original shines compared to Anniversary is the dinosaur. QTE, blergh.

Meh, I guess I should play it in Windows then.

Original Xbox, 360, One v1 or One v2?

A One from 2015. V1?

Oh yes! Not sure if that’s mandatory in the original. Although I remember playing it and getting those long leaps right.

I played the original up to that part “recently”, to show my kids (I let them play a bit first, but they quickly told me I should do it ‘cause I am better at it) and that part still scares the **** out of everyone (including me). QTE, eh?

It looks like you’re right, it wasn’t mandatory. But let’s just say I had some trouble progressing without doing it.

Not nearly as QTE as TR 2013, don’t get me wrong. It’s just one of those QTE things

Here’s a review about how Anniversary is pretty great but does away with some neat stuff from the original (go to 17:40 for the QTE):


You play a dangerous serial killer, so I think he deserves to be jumped by these guys. But no, that doesn’t happen.

I wonder why Tomb Raider 2013/Rise/Shadow and Limbo take such pleasure in gruesome deaths.

Nah, that’s not my game :expressionless:

Don’t know about TR, but Limbo means “voorgeborchte”…

We know… but being forced to watch 30 second death animations is boring af at best.

Okay, small update on where I ended up this morning and where I’m continuing now with the reversed gravity thing. On to timing and those lovely controls.

(This one did have me stumped for a little while. The solution was more of a randomly try everything kind of thing.)

Grmbl, this one’s so stupid. One of the better puzzles so far though.

Okay, so the last 10 minutes or so of the game was a bunch of pretty neat gravity stuff where the trial-and-error wasn’t bothersome either. The sunk cost fallacy paid off, mostly. So time for my direct post-finishing verdict.

The vast majority of the difficulty in Limbo comes from the imprecise controls coupled with timing puzzles. Most deaths are cheap. In rare circumstances you can see the puzzle or the beginnings of it, but often you have to die first to tell. It’s a par for the course trial-and-error rage game with far above average atmosphere that fairly easily carries you through the first hour.

This game coaxes by on its atmosphere and that works a lot better than you might expect. Occasionally it has glimpses of interesting ideas, like forcing you to go one way with a brain control parasite on your head, only to have to make your way back afterward. The game finishes very strongly with a bunch of gravity related puzzles.

Final verdict: the puzzles mostly rely on poor controls. There’s way too much filler, which is odd for a 3-hour game. It looks very nice. Certainly not recommended for €10. Play VVVVVV instead for a conceptually similar yet vastly superior experience. The ending sequence of Limbo is where it’s at its best, and yet it’s a less enjoyable version of some of the worst parts of VVVVVV.

That is the whole idea…

You did finish it rather quick, I have to say!
Now onto collecting all 11 secrets…?