Let's play... Atari games!

Look! I’ts a topic! Let’s discuss all things about Atari!

I can’t let @Sushi get away with his two threads about consoles that nobody knows. So here we can talk about the best console ever: The Atari VCS also known as the Atari 2600. Think about such beautiful games like E.T. Pac Man, Q*Bert, Circus Games, Pong or Demon Attack!

And you can still play it on your computer!

Let’s see if we can convert @Sushi to become a Atari boy after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


too late… the VCS/Atari 2600 was the first system I ever played on.
This is one of my desktop backgrounds on my office PC:

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One of my oldest memories is of waking up early before my parents were up and watching my brother play Atari.

I remember we had Asteroids, Warlords, Jedi Arena, Crackpots… but my favorite was Adventure, with the dragons that look like ducks. :slight_smile:


The only actual Atari I played myself was at the house of one of my mother´s patients. I also inherited his entire MOTU collection.

I remember playing Asteroids, Donkey Kong and maybe a few others. I´m not sure if it was a 2600 or one of the later ones, though.

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Oh, yeah! I played that for hours. I also loved Jungle Hunt:

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It’s likely that it was a 2600. They build it with different cases and the successors 5200 and 7800 weren’t successful (in Germany).

The weird thing is that I don´t remeber being put off by Donkey Kong not looking like an ape at all. I think I had known the game from the C64 version already by that time.

Playing Asteroids was fun, though. I was in no way put off by the simplicity of the system even though I was already used to the C64, the NES and the Arcade Cabinets in the restaurants.

I don’t remember that one :thinking:
Looks like a knock off of Pitfall to me. I never had that game but remember playing it at a friend’s house. It seemed so cool at the time, even the cartridge had a different shape.

It´s so weird that the screen goes from right to left instead of the other way round.

Only the sequence with the ropes is similar to Pitfall. :slight_smile: Jungle Hunt was an arcade game:

Yes, and it stays weird after playing it several times. :slight_smile:

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Now I remember it!
I must have played it on the C64… I even remember those stupid commercials.

I never had it, but I checked videos on youtube and it seems that in the stage where you have to jump over boulders it even went uphill in the C64 version (which as I presume made it even harder?)

Yes, indeed. :slight_smile:

I hated the crocodile level: It was difficult (for me at that time) to hit one of those crocodiles with this small knife. The collision detection was awful IMHO …

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That’s the part that really triggered my memory. I seem to remember getting good at that level after a lot of practicing.

Right? I can’t think of any other games that go right to left, except for open world platformers where you can go in any direction.

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For example:

Well a famous example would be Kung Fu:

I think the platformers move according to the way we in the western world read. Which is funny because that would mean most japanese game would be the other way around, but they are not.


But it’s also from left to right (at 7:15 in your video).

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Only to immiediatly go the other direction a few seconds later.

I used to love that game on NES. My memory could be distorted, but I seemed to remember it went back and forth as you climbed the ladders to the next platform. So left to right, then right to left, etc.

I used to really like looking at the enlarged pixels on the box of that game. Then try to recreate it on my Etch-a-sketch Animator:

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