Let's play... Atari games!

Yes, that’s right. :slight_smile:

There were several other games with the same concept.

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Well yeah, Zelda II went in both directions. But I guess that can count as an open world platformer and also Castlevania II whereas the first Castlevania also alternates like when you approach the Medusa, Death or Dracula himself from the right side of the screen.

The first Pitfall. Well, you could choose to go right or left, but was actually easier if you played right to left, because the respawn point was always on the LEFT side of the screen, i.e. past the obstacle you just lost a life on.

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Very clever, I never thought of that.

Because it loops? I suppose that doesn’t work on the C64 version?

Works on every version!


There is currently a Kickstarter about an Atari book: Atari: A Visual History (not many hours left!)

And here the most important part:


It still needs 640€ in 30 minutes now to be fully pledged… this going to be close…

I woke up in time to make my pledge!


It’s fully pledged. However, since it is all about the Atari PC’s I never owned, I decided not to back it after all.
But I did found out about these fine looking mouse mats thanks to that Kickstarter:

(Edit:they also have MI and MI2- but somehow, these don’t look as sexy - they feel a bit too cropped



We should make a mouse pad with the MacKraken!


Just photoshop a Kraken and some bagpipes on top of the pile

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“Marvellous Mouse Mats Make Mint!”