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Let's play...Sega games!

Look! A brand new topic! Let’s discuss on all things Sega!
Not only Sega consoles, but also any game developed for these consoles (by Sega and others) on whatever system.

Let’s see if we can convert Milan to become a Sega boy after all :wink:


I was a champion with Crazy Taxy!

I loved that game, I played the arcade. With only one coin, I was able to play for 40-50 minutes consecutevely.

I always used the bike as shown in the picture above (you had to do a button/pedal combination to use it, before pressing START).


Full disclosure. I am not new to Sega.

We had a game gear in 1992.

Games I remember:

Sonic The Hedgehog
Wonderboy 3 The Dragon´s Trap
Defenders Of Oasis
Donald Duck Lucky Dime Caper
some Golf game I don´t remember the name of (cue for @guga here).

When I was in hospital to get my tonsils out I was in a room with a diabetic girl who had a Mega Drive(Genesis) where she played Moonwalker and Wonderboy. I had my gameboy playing A Boy And His Blob in the meantime.

There was only one public Mega Drive I remember at the place where we regulary went shopping and it had games like Jurrasic Park and Kid Chamelon (which I thought looked rad in 1992/93, so I´m happy this is on there).

Also on the PS3 there were several of the games in this collection, but you had to buy each of those seperately and together they would have cost the tenthfold of this collection, so this is a good release.

I got and played:

Sonic The Hedgehog (much different than the Game Gear version!)
Shinobi (couldn´t finish it, because I ran out of lives)
Golden Axe (seemed familar, maybe I´ve seen the arcade somewhere before)
Streets Of Rage 2 (good fun, awesome soundtrack.)
Altered Beast (hilariously stupid)

I just started Sonic The Hedgehog and have to continue in Zone 2-1 before I play anything else.


Wow! Wasn’t that very expensive at that time?

Didn´t it come out like 1989 or so? I wouldn´t think it would have been as pricey three years after release, but I´m not sure.

According to Wikipedia it cost 300 DM in 1991.

(I just remember that the Game Gear and the Lynx were too expensive for my family around that time …)

We didn´t even know about the Lynx back then. So we played Chips Challenge on the C64, where it was more awesome anyway. :slight_smile:

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Putt & Putter? That’s the only (mini)golf game I’ve ever played on a Sega system.


I still need to play a single second of any Zelda game.
I really liked Landstalker on the MD. It has some Zelda charm to it (don’t call it a rip-off though)

If it can be any type of game, I’m sure I will be able to show you a few, but again I will need to play one first.

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Oh, I’ve just noticed this thread. And there was me thinking, never mind Nintendo, where’s our Sega thread?!

When I asked for a gaming console for Christmas one year, my parents thought it’d be more educational to get me a PC. I was a bit put out at first, but then I discovered adventure games (and also how to type lightning fast like my mum), so I’ve got them to thank for that really!

I finally got my console the year after, which was a Sega Mega Drive 2 (16-bit instead of 8, and slightly smaller). It came with The Lion King, which like most Disney games was really fun but really hard. I knew the cheat to get to the level selection in the menu (Right-A-A-B-Start!) so I could skip ahead, but I could never defeat the final boss. I still sometimes say to my cats as we gaze out the back door, ‘Everything the light touches, is our kingdom’.

Games I loved, off the top of my head:
Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron
Krusty’s Super Funhouse (basically Lemmings, but funnier)
Cosmic Spacehead (like a console adventure game!)
Streets of Rage

Most of my games were bought second-hand from an outdoor market (in Greenwich), borrowed from friends or given to me. It makes me realise only now how expensive the console must have been for my parents, which makes me quite sad.

You know what I couldn’t stand on Mega Drive games? WATER LEVELS. Games like Sonic and the Mickey Mouse games all bloody had them, and it really ruined my enjoyment because they were always much harder than the land levels. Ooh, the rage you felt when you saw Sonic slowly drifting towards something spiky, that contrast of cursing fast while he floated slowly, knowing it was inevitable :scream:


By the way, “sega” is Italian for “saw”. But also slang for “male masturbation”.

That’s why Sega has always been pronounced “see-gah” in Italy, as if it were an American company.

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Yeah, that sound of the countdown when Sonic is out air is really unnerving.

Which concidentally is the sound that follows the male masturbation.

See, I was trying to think of a funny joke following that, then in you came :joy:

Ah dear, I actually am crying a little bit…

Come on, can we stop this now?

Oh crap, did it again…


Okay, I promise. No more innendo. No more party shots.

I don’t even know what that meant.

I´m confident it means something! :eyes:

Was it Zany Golf by any chance? I used to play that at my friend’s house… it was pretty awesome. I wish I still had it

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No, it was a real ordinary golf game.

Play it online:

Sega version:

PC version:

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