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Let's talk about Indiana Jones & Fate of Atlantis



I don’t know, that guy seems a bit too smart.


He only thinks he´s smart, alcohol makes you self-concious.


I wish I could do the same. The closest I got in my recent playthrough of Fate of Atlantis was the realization that I’d either never played all the way through the Fists path, or forgot the puzzles unique to that particular path.


So years and years and years ago I went to this place:

Where I saw that guy:

Not taking note how much (at least from the right angle) it looks like this place:


AFAIR Ron stated somewhere that Mark hadn’t used this as an inspiration. :slight_smile:


It’s because you didn’t go there by night:

(otherwise you would have recognised the rodents)


It should be nice to gather all these parallel images in a permament thread. There are several of this kind, scattered here and there.


What I remember him saying is that he usually sees pictures that are altered in a way so they clook more similiar to each other than they actually are. I agree that it is a heavy stretch since almost none of the details match.

It was a concert so of course it was dark when I left. :slight_smile:


Don’t want to open a new topic just for this, but if the Digital Antiquarian is covering Fate of Atlantis that’s definitely of interest. (Even more so after having to sit through months of posts about the history of Windows). So without further ado:


Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, the rather less satisfying second SCUMM game.”

That’s blasphemy!


It’s an opinion. A wrong one from my perspective, but right on the nail for somebody else.


I thought Zak was more satisfying, even though Maniac Mansion felt more like you were in a living world.

But above all, even though they are pre-Monkey Island there aren’t that many 30-year-old games that hold up that well.