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Let's talk about Indiana Jones & Fate of Atlantis


Yup yup.

20 characters.


I think I still miss the arcade path in Indy 4, I need to replay soon after I manage to finish Beneath a steel sky which I never played!


No, to me it doesn’t happen because/when a specific phrase is breaking the fourth wall, it happens because part of the story revolves around me or other real people instead of characters.

For example, Thimbleweed Park is a game partially related to adventure game design and a consequence of this decision is that both the game developers and the player become an integral part of the story:

  1. The characters fight against the developers, who in turn have to satisfy the desires of the players.
  2. The characters share a common memory and mind (Ray knows things that Reyes has experienced even if there wasn’t any interaction between them) which actually is the player’s memory and mind.
  3. Added: the characters acknowledge the existence of an “upper world”, which is the world in which the player lives.

So, a character asking me to save the game is not an issue for me, but if the story makes me one of the protagonists, my suspension of disbelief breaks, because I was interested into losing myself into a fantasy world, not into reality.


Are you in the mood for nostalgia-driven web browsing? I have found a gallery containing a lot of backgrounds of “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”. I wonder if they are just a selection or the full list. Enjoy!


It has been here for a while with many other adventure games:


The link doesn’t work for me (some chars of the URL have been re-encoded).


Gonna have to wear this on a T-Shirt:


The view of the Azores in the game is the same as this one. Though it was a short visit in the game, it put the location on my wife and my list of places to travel.


here you can see some of the animations of Indy4.

I am particularly attached to gestures during dialogues, like these:


I just noticed, weird… but its fixed now.


yes, thats a great reference for the Special Edition… If I remember well, the artist who modeled Jones 3d character has family over there.


and for those who don’t know yet… Dale just released his Fate of Atlantis novelization and its FREE!


Between this, the shots of the hallway that ended up in the Edmund Mansion mansion in TwP and the shots of the Skywalker Ranch library and porch, I´d be really curious about realife inspirations of Lucas Arts backrounds/locations. Might merit a new thread.


But what kaiman said is true:

In the Atlantis maze, it’s easy to avoid the guards in the first place. If you don’t, there’s always an obvious “I want to get out of here” dialogue option, and if you pick the wrong one, there was a sucker-punch button documented in the manual that lets you take out the guards in a single hit. I just tested it a few minutes ago to make sure it works. At least for US keyboards, it was zero on the numeric keypad.

Especially with the sucker-punch as a crutch, you’d quickly learn that the Nazis in the maze don’t have anything interesting to say, at which point you could just bail out of each fight without even wasting time having to sucker-punch them. If you’re playing the Wits path, that’s pretty much the extent of your confrontations with Nazis. On the Team path, there are two situations where you can find yourself dealing with gun-toting Nazis. In one case, you’ll know in advance and can prepare for the puzzle, and in the other case it’s a very straightforward dialogue scenario where you’d naturally not want to antagonize the guard. In the Fists path, there’s of course plenty of opportunity for combat, but there are still environmental puzzle solutions for dealing with the tougher guards, and I had little trouble button-mashing my way to victory against the easier guards. And of course, the sucker-punch button will make short work of even those encounters. It’s true that the game doesn’t let you explore the dialogue trees of Nazis without risking combat or instant death, but the Nazis aren’t meant to provide lots of interesting exposition (they DO want you dead or captured, after all), so there’s really no reason to explore their very limited dialogue trees unless you specifically want to check out failure states.

There’s really no excuse for not getting through the Wits path as there are two different ways to avoid the Nazis in the maze (dodge the encounter entirely, or select the bottom dialogue option), and an easy one-hit KO option if you end up in a fight with a Nazi and want an easy win. There’s only one reason to bother fighting any of the Nazis patrolling the maze, and that’s only if you missed out collecting a certain type of item earlier in the game that is needed for a particular puzzle.

Interesting trivia I just noticed while testing this stuff. For the Nazis in the Atlantis maze, the first dialogue option always initiates a fight, the second one randomly results in a fight or escape result, and the third one always triggers escape.


It´s hard for me to say this, but it´s exactly the fact that the fights are easier to avoid and end in FOA that I prefer it just a little bit over Last Crusade.

Well, duh…


You are assuming that I played the game knowing all those things. I didn’t know any of that. I just chose the Wits path and assumed that 1) there were no action sequences, 2) that I could freely navigate places and dialogues without tricking action sequences and 3) that it wasn’t possible to die. Those assumptions defined the way I played the game because, being death not possible, my curiosity just made me try things to see what would have happened. The assumptions were wrong but of course I didn’t know that either.


If I had assumed you already knew all that, I wouldn’t have bothered typing up a post full of info you already knew. :slight_smile:

I was writing this so that if you’re ever willing to give Fate of Atlantis another chance, you’re as well-armed as possible for dealing with the dangerous parts of the game with as few spoilers as possible.


Thanks for that, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Thanks actually real nice! I lift my non existant hat into your general direction sir! :slight_smile:


Now if you could also help me forget it so I can play it again…

I was thinking of some self-inflicted localized brain injury…