Like feature on Discourse (was: Tiangong-1 decay)

“Access Blocked”
…now that’s the most unusual reason I’ve seen my workplace computer give :stuck_out_tongue:


(I don’t think they log access attempts.)

Could you download the pic and upload it here so I can see it plz?

EDIT: nevermind, it’s displaying now. But that description is funny. I learned a new word today :poop:

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Discourse downloads every pic automatically. So you only have to wait some seconds.

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Why should they eat pieces of metal!

There’s plenty of softer pieces of plastic in all the seas!

Antidote for @tasse-tee:


There are other interesting projects too. I can’t find the system developed in Germany but this seems to work similar:


“Hey Georgie, wanna have a smoke? We all smoke down here, we all smoke!”

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That’s what you think!
Your personnel file contains some recently learned words now…like “devoted” and “behavior”

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We all live in a yellow submarine O-c-lean :notes:
(and back to this topic again…!)

I’m kind of suburbs, but yeah definitely longer than that.

*removes pirate hat and gives it to @tasse-tee *

Hm, this is familiar…


Arrrr! I be Cap’n Katie! Now help me salvage the space wreck, or ye shall all walk the plank! :skull_and_crossbones:


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I thought so from the photo. The hotel we stayed during our week was also in a suburb but I can´t remember which one(it had a tube station, though).

It’s not a proper ‘suburb’ if there’s a tube station :wink: did it have a London postcode?

Well it seemed really small. The hotel was a “Master Brewer” if I´m not mistaken and has since been torn down.

I guess tube lines are stretching further out these days so it is possible. I just make that association automatically :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t want a tube line here though.

= 20 years ago. :grimacing:

I just checked. It was Hillingdon where we stayed(Freezelandway, Western Ave.), which wikipedia calls a suburban area. :slight_smile:

Oh. Heh.

How dare you Wikipedia!

And it was Hillingdon Station we used to get into the city to…

Great @discourse you have problem with me talking to @PiecesOfKate too much but the fact that we stopped talking about a space station that fell from the sky long ago and now changed the subject to London suburbs and tube stations is okay with you, hm?


Oddly I’ve never heard of Hillingdon, yet it’s close to areas I do know. Knowing me I’ve probably been there and forgotten.

I’m waiting for my spanking too :smile:

Talking of Discourse I’ve noticed the ‘likes’ count button has changed. It’s just a digit now.

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It´s also such a nicely british sounding name. Weird that I had forgotten it for the longest time…

Huh? Are likes anonymous now? Why @eviltrout?

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You can click on the number and it’ll show who liked them. We’re still experimenting with this new UX - you can participate here: