List of cutscenes

What are all the cutscenes you saw playing?

The Quickiepal
The Sheriff talking on the phone
The Coroner Office
Chuck looking at security monitors

Do non-playable sequences (like the two agents talking at the bus station when they leave the town) count as cutscenes?

(OT: a few years ago I discovered that Ron Gilbert was the one who created the word “cutscene” and it blew my mind)

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I was interested in the B/W monitor ones, with the exception of the Chuck in the monitor room because it’s important for the story.

But the scene about the sheriff talking to the phone, that you listed above, is not viewed through the B/W monitor.

Anyway, I don’t remember other B/W monitor ones.

I probably need to play again, memories are fading :slight_smile:

There was one early in the game showing you taking the picture of the body.

I’ve now played the first half of the game three or four times after the first run, and haven’t seen the coroner’s table scene (B&W monitor with one of the agents on the table) anymore. Is that cutscene cut from the game?

Nope, was still there when I played 3 days ago.

Here is the script which shows the conditions you have to satisfy:

(basically after visiting ThimbleCon you have to leave one agent alone for 10 minutes and don’t be near the city hall or Ricky’s place with your active character)


Thanks! That explains this.

I missed that post.

I think this gives WAY more insights about the meaning of that scene. Gotta dig up the old “unsolved mysteries” discussion.