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Little details missed or understood later


Yes, but IIRC you just don’t HAVE to go there, and even if you do, I suppose the whole kidnapping stops to exist after you have control of all characters.


You can get captured after vomiting. Did that first and got captured right after going back to the alley


Yes, but you have to go back. After the vomit animation you can walk in the alley up and down and won’t get captured. You are save until you leave and re-enter the alley.


Yeah that’s right. I understood that in another way.


After vomiting, you are automatically walked out of the Alley and left standing on Main Street.


Huh? Really? I have to check that …


We did this because of the kidnap scene. If we left you in there, it would give you a chance explore and then not get captured and probably not go in there again.


I’m surely missing something, but I don’t see the point. Why just don’t let the player wander in the alley immediately after vomiting and simply letting him/her to be kidnapped?


Gross. The kidnapper must be sick to kidnap someone on his own vomit! :laughing:


Uh-la-la, a squeamish kidnapper!


New headword learned, thanks :slight_smile:


Where did you find that LowLevel? I must have missed that, too.


It’s on top of her C64.




I’m playing TWP again (on my phone) and I have discovered that Reyes is coulrophobic. :neutral_face:


Really? I don’t remember noticing that previously. Is this because you are playing as Reyes more this time, or because you are paying closer attention to the dialog, or you are just interacting with everything possible in this playthrough, and learning more about the characters. I just restarted myself (last night) on my PC.

One thing I noticed this time, was some fun dialog with a couple of the -Tron 3000 machines I missed previously. For example, I didn’t experience the core dump / reboot with the Arrest-Tron 3000 on the previous plays (that I remember).


It shows up in a funny way if, after getting access to the map, you use Reyes to get Ransome.

In the newer versions that have playable characters that can talk to each other, it is mentioned in some dialogues between Ray and Reyes, at least.


Initially I read this as coprophagic and was not surprised.


Did you mean… clownphobic?