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Little details missed or understood later


Not that the definition of that word would merit such a colourful picture, mind you…


It’s because even if in my previous playthroughs I played the first chapters mostly as Reyes, I always used Ray to meet Ransome for the first time. This time I met Ransome while I was playing as Reyes and I saw his strong emotional reaction (he stuttered).

I wonder why.

I think that the meaning is the same. This is the first time that I read “clownphobic”, I have always used “coulrofobic”.


Because it wouldn´t have surprised me.


Yeah, I just created a neologism. I didn’t know that the correct term for defining who has the phobia of clowns was “coulro”, a Greek word.


“phobia” is greek, too.


I have noticed that when you switch off the “Annoying in-jokes” option, the Edison box in the post office changes to this:



David, Ron + Gary. Nice Touch!


Ha! I didn’t remember that number during my first playthrough.
I just noticed that the Edmund Mansion mansion address in the wireframe world is 5858. Nice easter egg.
After noticing it, I remembered the mansion also had that address in the “normal” world, but I can’t find it anymore. Maybe I was just misremembering it.


No, you´re right. You´re giving that adress when applying for the MMucas Flem Games job.


That’s it. Thanks. I wasn’t mad!!!

One more question about posters that you can find in the game.

In the middle room of the 2nd floor of the Edmund Mansion mansion in the wireframe world, there are three posters:

From left to right: Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, and what is the third one??


It’s the old LucasFilm game Ballblazer


I’m pretty sure the game on the poster is called Ballblaster, ask Tim Schafer :slight_smile:
I wonder if David Fox still remembers this.


Wikipedia says: “The game was called Ballblaster during development; pirated versions of the game went by this name as well”


Yes, I had the -zer ending version, and I thought there was only one, with that name.


I guess that finally explains what the “Three Lines of Haze™” reference is.


I haven’t heard that on my first playthrough, which was at the game’s release. I then played the easy mode after the playable character dialogue update of the game, and got that conversation. So I assumed it was a later addition.


I missed that reference. Where is it?


That’s one of the two games advertised by the MmucasFlem Games in the magazine for Delores.


I noticed since release that here Mmucas has a typo, MmucasLET.


If you look at the gate with one of the agents they will tell you the address.

Good catch, never noticed it before.
Btw. the Italian version says MMucas only here.