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Little details missed or understood later


No, it was a serious and real exchange of kind words between them.


Wow. I didn’t got that. I’ll try to see it on my 2nd playthrough.


I completely missed the dime / sewer puzzle, since I went there with the cell phone.


I’m surprised that the cell phone works in the sewers.


Me too, and I’m also surprised you can actually finish the game without ever being dragged to the sewers.

It’s like they didn’t like this puzzle chain enough to be plot relevant, but it’s there just to add some “ambient” to the game


Hmm… I’ve found a difference between my playthrough and yours. I got this situation:

Ray’s phone didn’t work in the sewers.


In my case the cell phone didn’t work in the sewers. But I returned to a save game and left the cell phone with the agent that didn’t went to the sewers, so I had no need to find the dime that time.


So you cheated? :neutral_face:


Haha, it was a Sierra like approach to puzzle solving.

I was really testing different solutions. I liked the escape-from-the-sewers puzzle.


The optional sewer puzzle is like the escaping the dungeon/loose brick puzzle in Maniac Mansion, which you also never have to do when you don´t get yourself caught.


Anyway, if agent Reyes is in the sewers, Angela can call help using is cellphone, anywhere from outside.


Because a good concept is a good concept, Thimbleweed Park re-uses many story beats from Maniac Mansion.

Maniac Mansion — Thimbleweed Park

Getting in the House — Getting past the hydrant

Optional Dungeon Escape Puzzle — Optional Sewer Escape Puzzle (you need two characters in both)

Getting past the Green Tentacle — Getting past the Sherrif

The Telescope/Distracting Edna Puzzle — the Radio Tower/Distracting Ricki Puzzle

Getting Dr Freds Meteor Mess highscore — Getting Chuck´s lucky numbers

Entering the Lab — Entering the factory

Getting rid of the Meteor — Escaping the factory (not being able to return or switch characters)


You’re right. I just remembered it wrongly. I had Reyes in the sewers, and just called for help with Ray. Anyway, that was totally a non-puzzle for me.


I’m not sure I’d call it cheating, especially since it was a required method of play for older adventure games. And at least with the original release version, it was possible to end up in a situation where the dime could not be retrieved.

Amusingly though, Ignacio’s “solution” to the problem is not the ideal one. If one is going to bother to restore to a previous save like that, the optimum approach is to simply prevent the agent from getting captured.


Maybe he thought it was needed to advance the plot and said “might as well do it now”. Once you know it isn’t, you just avoid getting captured.


Well, you have to go to the alley with both agents (more spoiler: ) after eating the sausage. Is it possible to get captured in these situations? (After the vomit scene?) (I haven’t played TWP that often to be able to answer that. :slight_smile: )


I suppose that you can’t get captured anymore after Part 2. I never tried. I will now :smiley:


I didn’t try to get captured in Part 3, but I tried to get captured when another agent is in the same room. It doesn’t happen.

So, it IS possible never to get captured.


It’s possible to never get kidnapped. That entire puzzle sub-chain is optional.


AFAIR you can grab the sausage at any time (even at your first visit in the diner). I assume that you can’t get captured after the vomit animation.

Yes, just don’t go in the alley with Ray and Reyes. :slight_smile: