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Little details missed or understood later


One of the things I’d not paid much attention to before is Willie’s reference to kombucha, which someone has just reminded me of on Twitter.

I’d never heard of it until TWP, though I gather it’s largely an American thing. I guess it’s a play on asking someone to buy him some booze or weed.

It’s also perhaps a bit of an anachronism as Wikipedia suggests it wasn’t popular commercially until the 1990s.

Nevertheless I like the way it sounds when Willie asks for it - it’s a good catchphrase. I can still hear him saying it.


The door guard dragon at Thimblecon shouts outs his nerd knowledge in almost exclusive anachronisms(to the point it makes me wonder if that was intentional).

“Hoverboards are the future” (Back To The Future 2, 1989)*
“Han Shot first” (Star Wars Special Edition, 1997)

*this is almost meta in a way!


Wow. I was sure he was asking for sambuca (typical Italian liqueur). I should play that part again to check it out.


Me too at first, that I would have known.


Yeah, may well be. Especially re the Star Wars ref as I doubt they’d make that mistake.

Oh yeah, it does sound a bit like that. And if he wanted to make a flaming sambuca that could’ve been a (red herring) hint at burning down the factory. But that’s probably overthought!


Not really an anachronism since Han infact shot first in every version of the movie the guard could possibly have watched in 1987. :wink:


Yes he did and that´s why it wasn´t up to debate until it was changed ten years later. It´s about that controversy that didn´t exist back then.

tbh I saw the special edition at the theater and never would have noticed.

It´s like saying:“No, I tell you Han and Lando hug, really!”

No one would challenge that…


Zak’s poster is on the left wall of the arcade hall in the wireframe world.
In the real (?) world, it is -mirrored- on the right wall, as you can notice from the pic posted by @LowLevel

[Community Game] guess these Thimbleweed Park locations and grab the prizes! :gift:

Nice catch. I didn’t notice that. :slight_smile:


I suspect that poster is taken from a later version of Maniac Mansion. If Irecall correctly, in MM It was on a left wall.


Yes, it was left from the entrance of the Arcade room where it replaced the Star Wars poster of earlier versions.


I would like to write here a thing that I noticed since the first boot in Thimbleweed Park.
A “Little detail missed”, with the meaning of: “I miss this little detail”.

I miss an intro full of credits, like Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, with the name of the Designer, the Graphic Artist, the Music Artist.
Not to mention the “Lucasfilm” giant logo at the very beginning.

The intro of Thimbleweed Park is nice, really, but I miss the above characteristics.
I imagined something like:

Terrible Toybox presents

A graphic adventure by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick

with David Fox

and so on…

I won’t ask why, I’m sure the team had already talked about it and it had its good reasons to do the intro this way.
Maybe I’m too nostalgic, but… I felt it was missing something. Those names. Those important names.


As you wish! :wink:



Great, thank you!


Mmmmh somehow this didn´t turn out as great. :neutral_face:


Great :slight_smile: Just text needs to be fixed (agent Ray is named twice instead of Reyes).


And there is other typos(throug for through) too. I really didn´t take the time to spellcheck(which is worse when the letters are so big), I´m sorry.


@milanfahrnholz thanks to you, I found THE DEFINITIVE TWP intro!

Look here :slight_smile:


Hah, you you must have done that at the same time as I have mine above! :slight_smile:
But I emphasised on the voice actors. So my credits differ greatly from yours.


Fixed version.

I´m thinking about tweeting that at the devs when you guys can confirm for me the correctness of the text and that no one has done that before. :thinking: