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Loving this right now


This may be due to the fact that the normal person tends to call the part they acutally see, enter and use the lift itself while it is only one of the constructions many parts. So to the person who build it, it would just sound wrong I guess.


I would just call it a ‘lift’ too. Probably because that’s the bit that gets ‘lifted’. The rest is a ‘lift shaft’, if I was ever going to talk about that bit.


“Liftcabine” feels more appropriate in those older elevators where you have to perform various door-closing actions yourself. “Elevator car” reminds me primarily of those rickety mining elevator contraptions from games and movies. You know the type, they come to a screeching halt halfway through and then you have to climb or descend using rusting steps, half of which have fallen off already thus forcing you to practice your platform jumping and grabbing skills. (Or QTE skills, depending on the game.)




Technically if the cabin goes down the counterweight gets ‘lifted’ :wink:.


Nitpickers fight! :popcorn:


Only lazy people use it to go down :wink:


It’s also lazy to use it to go up. :wink:


But more lazy :wink:


What the… Discourse is editing our posts now?


Discourse, AKA Skynet.


You know discourse, if you have such a problem with even the smallest wholequotes, why the fuck do you provide an option for doing that in the first place?


I see, so its motivation in wiping out mankind is that it’s redundant to have more than a dozen or so of those pesky homo sapiens. :slight_smile:


Exactly, by wiping out wholequotes it shows us its vicious hatred for redundancy.


Ok, this seems to be quite appropriate now.
I liked this documentary i watched a couple of days ago from a fellow citizen of @milanfahrnholz and @kaiman:


I´ve seen this, I think it´s on Netflix right now, it was very good. I like all his documentaries and movies, I even parodied him once on here.


So let the nitpicking commence :slight_smile:

Please tell me how the non-lazy people (which I’d call lazy too of course :wink:) would get into the lift (cabin) without moving it down first? (Teleporting cabins is cheating.)


She meant you´d got to be very lazy to use the lift instead of the stairs, because going down doesn´t take as much effort as going up.


Yes, that’s why I explained that lift cabins still need to go down (i.e. counterweights getting lifted) even when people only use them to go up.


Hmmm, maybe not have a door that opens when the lift goes down? :thinking: