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Loving this right now



I wonder if the * beeeeeeep * echoes when he slips on the ice and falls all the way down… :grinning:



yes it does


I bet @Sushi is loving this too!


Also Phil Rudd has returned to the drums (or at least there were some pictures of him and the rest outside the studio in Vancouver a few months ago, taken just 1 or 2 days apart)!
Unfortunately Cliff Williams seems to have left for good.
And Malcolm of course will remain sorely missed. RIP

But yeah, overall loving that right now!


I think I read that was confirmed a few days ago actually!

Oh yeah, that was definitely a huge loss. So sad, his final years must have been really terrible.:cry:

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The rumour (and plausible evidence) has been around since August.
The Youngs too
And the engineer/producer too

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I’m so disappointed by this. Drums on the last records were horrible and pretty much ruined them for me (especially Black Ice). I was hoping Chris Slade will put new energy into the band just like it was with The Razor’s Edge.


Believe it or not, I just watched this video for the first time (although it’s 23 years old by now) and I am loving the puns with the duckwalk (especially from 1:50 to 2:30 with the high wire and the burning coals)


That seems pretty normal to me, unless you lived on TMF/MTV/Viva/etc.


But in my case, as a big fan, I had that music video on a DVD for over 9 years. But never watched it*, nor most of the others since 1995.

*That has been fixed yesterday evening.

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As a distinct DVD purchase? I have a variety of albums that came with a DVD that I probably watched back when I bought 'em, but rarely again.

For example, I couldn’t even tell you if I watched this DVD:

Then there are all the albums with a bonus data track. Some of them even came with low-res music videos! :rofl:


I´m pretty unfamiliar with the majority of the post Razor´s Edge era. But I´m pretty sure I´ve seen music videos for Stiff Upper Lip and Rock´n´Roll Train on TV.

On a slightly related note AC/DC are probably the only group I could think of that is that old that has NEW tunes of theirs played on mainstream radio here, too.

Twas the magical era of MULTIMEDIA! :rainbow: :sparkles:


This is so. weird.


Brilliant!!! :joy:
And I thought it couldn’t get weirder than the I’m a PC ad…



Though nothing beats reality


In a world where devices dominate in every aspect of life, at least kids today can still experience the tech-free enjoyment of running around outside, chasing a boun-

…ok never mind :joy:

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Say honey, what´s the count of your walking app today? :grin:

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Don’t know whom to pity more: the people that came up with this, or the people that buy it!?
Hope it’s at least rechargeable!

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