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Loving this right now


Muahahahaha! :smiling_imp:


But here in my area. :slight_smile:


I´m not excluding mine either, I can´t claim to have been at every single place here! Might not be at the sorts of places I go to.


But isn’t Fritz more popular in the northern part of Germany? :thinking: I can’t remember that I’ve seen Fritz at much places in Munich … :thinking:


I don´t know, but I´ve seen lots of crates at the supermarket just yesterday and I always wonder who drinks that stuff!


WILL/DONATION sounds like the title of a Japanese light novel or something.



Picked up this HANDbag from the Museum of London :heart_eyes:


Yes. But they’re not easy to reach, due to the fence.


Not been there 20 years ago. Still so much to see whenever the next time will be.

Looks cool!


Funny you say that. I have a few american militiary bases in my proximity and it´s so weird driving by fences that say stuff like :“Do not enter. Beware live ammunition. Trespassers will be shot at” etc…


The exhibitions themselves were actually a little disappointing. I guess it wasn’t that long since we last went, so the permanent ones were good (Fire of London, The Plague) but nothing new. I mainly went to check out the new ‘Disease X’ exhibition about epidemics, but it turned out to be just a small room of stuff.


I used to live near a few navy bases, but I don’t think they said anything like that.

I now also have an army base near me (normal Belgian army, not foreign occupation army) but I don’t quite recall what it may or may not have said while driving by and apparently the entire area is streetview-free.

I drew what I think is the rough outline of the base on the map:

It’s not like you can see any of that stuff from north of the expressway…


Anyway, I think the navy bases where I used to live just said stuff like this:



I just remembered that when we were at Madame Tussaud´s that after that we went to something of a dark ride that must be directly next to it (or is it still part of it? I don´t remember) that also had stations like this. I remember a giant animatronic Christopher Wren hovering over St Paul´s too


This here is just a small part of the area next to me.


Yeah I think there was a ride like that inside Madame Tussaud’s. I think I preferred the London Dungeons though, unsurprisingly :wink:


I wanted to visit those so badly! We even drove by the entrance (on our way to The Tower I believe). But I loved the Chamber Of Horrors at Madame Tussaud´s too. Those constant screams of agony and pain were actually really unsettling after a while.

I also liked the idea of placing Adolf Hitler in a display case on the entry way to the chamber of horrors.

I wish I could find the catalogue I took from there because It was full of anecdotes of people trying to spend nights at the Chamber but coming out totally horrified, which I personally find hard to believe since I thought the ambience sound is half the deal about that and if that´s switched off it´s not half as scary.

But I´d love to visit the Dungeons one day!


You guys do realize you’re leading Chuck’s robots right to you now, right?

::straightens tinfoil hat::



And the sequel:


A friend posted this on Instagram

He’s a magician, btw. Visit his website. Designed and developed (a looong time ago) by yours truly.


Well, these keep getting better!