Machinarium fan art contest

Machinarium is an adventure game that has been widely admired for its graphic style. The artists behind the game have also contributed to other art projects, like the beautiful movie “Kooky”. The game also has sold quite well and the community of its players seems quite a large one (for an adventure game, that is).

As a consequence, it’s no surprise that an official fan art contest about the game has seen a lot of submissions. I’m sharing them to you because some of them are really remarkable.

Click this link to visit the gallery


Great stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing that.
I love that game.

I played and finished Machinarium after having read a post in this Forum.
Beautiful game, the graphic art is perfect for the mood of the game, is immersive.

In that gallery there is also a video in stop motion.

Yes, I agree. It’s a wonderful and beautiful game. But I disliked the “action sequence” near the end. It won’t fit to the rest of the game somehow…

Anyway, the arcade room works perfectly :smiley:

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