[Poll] Return to Monkey Island images: do you like the art style?

The screenshots (shown below) can’t convey the look&feel of the animated game, but as still images…

How much do you like this kind of art style?

  • 5 (It’s the best art style among all MI games)
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 0 (zero means zero)

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You left out an important fact. In one of the interviews Ronbrush says the art style is very similar to what you see in the Trailer:

“The art that you’re seeing in the trailer is fairly representative of what the art in the actual game will be.” - Ronbrush Driftwood

Found some more concept art - animated this time!
And there will be a graveyard of course

Just kidding - the art reminds me of these illustrations for a series of audio plays
You can find lots more art on the artist’s website

Especially the judge on a chilly island looks very similar in character and background design


Maybe not for the game, but I like this simple style:

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It seems in this forum more than 50% have a positive opinion of the art style. This is a very good sign: we are the group that’s most likely to have a bad opinion of it. The general public will surely be much more favorable to it.


I don’t mind art style in general.
A good game is good based on the puzzles, humor, story, thrilling, the fantasy that builds up in your mind.

As a paradox, in the late 90’s there were discussions on “better graphics means better game”, while now it’s the opposite.

I have always thought that the graphics, in a game, is just a minimal significant part of the overall game.


I’m not sure. I did stop playing MI4 , Tales , and Grim Fandango because I really disliked the art…

to be more precise, as soon as I got stuck, I felt no incentive to go forward.

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I stopped playing Grim Fandango because it was too complicated in a way Monkey Island wasn’t (for a 12 y/o with a reasonable grasp of English). I finished MI4. Tales I originally quit around episode 3, and while in that specific instance I’m on board with not being overly fond of the art style I doubt it affected much. The game felt a bit stale/repetitive to me.

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Me too, for the same reason, even if I was older than you.

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On the other hand, the latest comments on Grumpy Gamer’s blog seem rather negative.

On an italian facebook group, there is this meme today:

Seen the reactions of the toxic fandom of MI, Ron Gilbert has recentely stated on his social profiles:
“You deserve nothing”


Grim Fandango is fantastic, but I almost stopped playing it initially…

I first played it for about 20 mins and gave up, but then later gave it another try.

You basically have to make it to Rubacava, that’s when it started to get really good, for me.
The first couple of locations are kind of insular and linear and the game opens up a lot more when you get to Rubacava.

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My thoughts on GF have been mixed. Glottis was annoying to me. And some locations had a lack of details, while other characters and locations were quite good.
I can’t remember the puzzles, though.

I have always considered Grim Fandango an aesthetic masterpiece. Mixing art deco, South American pre-columbian culture and noir elements in an organic way requires a lot of effort and ingenuity.

I periodically go to a pretty fake mexican restaurant in my city only for its name: “Calavera”.


And look at how beautifully rendered Glottis is!

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OK, Glottis wasn’t rendered very well, but the few polygons available did an acceptable job for the bone-based characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I think the overall art and design captured the mood in that game, even though some of it was a bit ropey technically.

By the way, I have returntomonkeyfied some MI2 art, let me know if you like it.


Gorgeous. It’s just how I imagined it should be.

Hopefully Ron/Disney will give us Special Special Editions of MI1+2 redone like this.

I like it, not the best but gave it a 4. The best art style in the series goes to MI2.