MI 1+2 SE Soundtrack Midi or Live Band?

So I regularly listen to the MI soundtracks both original and SE versions.

I am wondering if there is any information regarding the SE soundtrack, is it a Live Band/Orchestra playing the instruments for real in a studio or is it HQ samples programmed in Midi?

Maybe a mixture of both?

If it’s the former and is a live recording, who was involved?
Who played the parts, who are the musicians?
What studio was it recorded in?

A credit list would be amazing


There is some footage of the sound recordings in the Making of videos on Youtube:


Thanks for these, it’s nice to see some footage of them in the studio playing the music.

After a bit of further sleuthing I have a credit list of musicians and there respective instruments from the Credits in MI 1 for anyone whom is interested:

Nice to see “Peter McConnell” was involved on violin

Here are the credits from MI2, looks like the drums were programmed in with HQ Samples for the second game:


Furthermore I have contacted Jesse Harlin, the music supervisor on the Special Editions and he had this to say, which was interesting:

Turns out it was a mixture of both live and midi in the end.