MM Question for Ron

Hi @RonGilbert! Do you know who was responsible for the debug codes in SCUMM? They were obviously used for testing purposes, and changed for each game. The first hidden code was in Maniac Mansion and it was:


Later codes included: *ch4mysocks (“starch for my socks”), whipitgood (Zak), coolwhiped (Indy 3).

But my question is: What did !a%ifyou*ve refer to? I once guessed it might mean ‘(ex)claim a percentage if you starve’, and now it’s mentioned in places on the internet. I think my guess was wrong, though.

Can you remember what it once referred to?

Maybe @David might remember?


I don’t know, that was a long time ago. I remember them, but I don’t remember if myself or Aric Wilmunder first added them.


Yes, pretty obscure! Thanks for responding!