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Monkey Island 3A


I did not use a crack. I followed the instructions in the manual… all original!


Those were indy3.exe and atlantis.exe
I think, the movie is sometimes called Indy 3 due to the order of production, but also non-canon, as it’s not on screen or any piece of related art. I’ve never seen any Monkey Island called 3, 4 or 5 from an official source, though.
I remember DOTT being advertised as Maniac Mansion 2, though.


I understood it that if you had a crack where there were more than one game on a disc you had to enter the name of that game you wanted to load.

I´m pretty sure in the case of ZAK you had to enter a boot up disc first before you could start the actual game and IIRC you could either enter LOAD “ZAK”,8,1 or LOAD “*”,8,1 but it is obviously over 25 years ago that I played it on the original hardware.



Ah, so I rememered it correctly with the boot disc.

Why did Zak need one and MM not? Because it was bigger?


The C64 had files like the PC. Each program on a disc had its own name and you had to type in the name, for example:


(LOAD is the command to load a program while “,8,1” selects the drive) The command:


was just there for your convenience: If you use the * the C64 loaded the first program on the disc.

You could manipulate the directory (= the list of the files on a C64 disc) so that the user saw garbage or other texts. But the files were still there.

Zak and Maniac had one program on the discs that you had to load. You could use the * or the name of the program. I can’t remember how the program file was named.

Zak had the boot disc. The two other discs contained the data.


Yes, that is all pretty much how I remember it and understand that it works, thanks!

So the ,8,1 was obviously for the Floppy Drive designation and wasn´t used when you played from a datasette.

The opening of Vice City obviously refers to loading a tape

(btw that screen still looks more authentic to me than the one from TwP for some reason)

I even remember sometimes getting the “Press Play On Tape” during a game as a glitch.


This is the content of the original Zak disc:


The program you had to load is named “BOOT”. In the German and Italian C64 version of Zak the files have the same names. One of the cracked versions had this disc content:


There was only one file named “ZAK MCKRACKEN”.

Maniac Mansion had this disc content:


Exactly: If you omit the “,8,1” the C64 assumed that he had to load the program from a cassette. That was the standard data store of choice back then (when the C64 was released). :slight_smile:

Yes, it wasn’t a perfect copy of the C64 screen. :slight_smile:


Obviously, yes. They could have used a 40 track format, but they didn’t since they wanted the disks easy to copy.
Actually, the 35 track format was some stupid commodore laziness to begin with. By the time the 1541 came along, 35 track floppies were a thing of the past already. I’ve never seen one in real life, only on pictures like this one:

Actually, there was only two disks. One boot disk, and the game disk formatted on both sides, which you had to flip over, since the 1541 format is single sided.


Would that additional space be enough for the interpreter and the game data?

For the customers? Where you got that information from?

Yes, I wasn’t precise. :slight_smile: As you wrote Zak had three disc sides that came on two discs.


It’s right in the manual. See the picture Sushi posted a few posts earlier.


Doh. :roll_eyes: I never read the manual. :wink:


When the italian version of C64 was released? I played it in italian on Amiga in 1991…
The only C64 version I have played was in english (1988).


Good question. I only know that there is an Italian version out there. :slight_smile: It might be not an official release?

LucasFilm Games classics translations

Oh that’s cool. I wanted to something like this when I’ll release a game (but that’s probably never anyway).


(Already posted in another topic, but just to be clear…)


Today I dreamed I was on a car with Ron and I was telling him how important Monkey Island was for me.

Then I said “I mean, if I were in a room on fire and I could save only one between a boxed copy of Monkey Island and Munch’s The Scream, I’d save Monkey Island”.

Then I added “or, well, maybe I’d save The Scream, then sell it to someone and use that money to buy Monkey Island’s IP and give it to you to have the real third chapter”.


Perfect lateral thinking right there! :+1:


image NOOOO!