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Monkey Island 3A


Meanwhile, in the Oslo National Gallery…



of course, I dont agree at all.

Petition has value, doesnt matter what it is… if social media goes viral, it gets always attention.
The truth is that Disney needs to reconsider employees that blocks good ideas…also their own old policies that blocks creativity.
Why do you think Disney decided to buy Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, ABC … because people at Disney ran off ideas and the creativity has been a ZERO.

Did you notice 3D movie remakes recently… ? heh, another prove


Disney just needs a couple of flops with all their IPs for things to change.


I think Disney compared the success of their products with someone else products, then the Disney’s boss sat behind his large desk, and during a meeting said:
So, we have two options:
1. increase our efforts do make things better than Opponent XYZ ones
2. Takeover Opponent XYZ, at any cost

Often, choice 2 has been the preferred one.


Capitalism 101


No. Must have been drowned out by all these superhero movies. Hope that fad is over soon. How about some video game adaptations instead. Maybe we could get MI3a that way? Though, perhaps, better not …


Wasn’t there a Call of Duty movie coming? :rofl:


It angers me that there was a short period where they’d make movies about videogames, but they were horrible. I wonder what a Super Mario movie would have been if made nowadays.


These are the main options:

Lens flare basic

Lens flare deluxe

Washed out & gritty

“Anime style”


I think we should go lens flare deluxe, but then after poor commercial and critical reception immediately reboot it and do a dark gritty Mario.


Yeah, I don’t like it. I prefer the theater version:


That´s not over. The Assassins Creed movie and the latest Lara Croft are fairly recent.

I think a Super Mario movie nowadays would be unneccesarily dark and edgy. Urghh.


You made me want to rewatch Tomb Raider (the other, much better movie) just to wash those words out of my eyes.

Unnecessarily? What about this classic Game Theory? :wink:

(Be sure to at least skip to 11:00 if you think it’s boring. :slight_smile: )


Hm. Which version of Monkey Island and which version of Munch’s Scream were in the room?


Hopefully not the SE and THIS:



This explains why the room is on fire in the first place.


I am kind of lost in this post called “Monkey Island 3A”


Sadly, Monkey Island 3A is lost itself, too.


What if the Secret is that the “A” actually stands for “Ass” meaning it´s really not that good?


Monkey Island Threeass? Or do you mean it more like in “Oh, look behind you. A Threeass!” :thinking: