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Monkey Island 3A


Look behind you a monkey with three (or four) asses!


Oh crap… you found the secret of Monkey Island.


That´s the second best thing I found this month! :smiley:


What was the best? :smiley:


You know, although I was actually refering to that old Get Smart/Monkey Island running gag (second biggest Monkey Head) there is some truth to that. But I´m not telling…yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s in his pants.









Fun fact: eggplant in Finnish is “munakoiso”. You can divide that word to “munako iso” and add a question mark after, which will translate to “is an egg big?” or (rather) “is a dick big?”.



Everything is connected!

Like testicles to a weiner!