Monkey Island...7?


I failed. But none of it was ever in my power anyway, so meh.

TOMI was MI6 confirmed.

Jake Rodkin was co-project leader of Tales of Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island closed, for me, a circle that doesn’t need to be reopened.

It’s not that adding new games to the franchise would be “wrong”, it’s that I associate the current state of things to what the authors of “Back to the Future” have said for years: new movies are simply not needed.

Everyone can take the Monkey Island characters and put them in yet another “Defeat the villain, get the girl” story, but I already had a lot of those stories and I would like to accept RtMI as a full stop instead of an ellipsis.


Yes, it depends.
In my opinion, EMI for example was a kind of a sequel which, I guess, most fans were not very happy with. But, if the dev team has a good concept for it, a new sequel would be great, of course, regardless of how RtMI ends.

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RtMI is the fastest selling game in the series -

I doubt that Disney can resist those sweet, sweet sequel dollars, so it should make another MI more likely.

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If it’s Rex art again, I’m mobilizing for war. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nah, I’ll probably just fade away. So no skin off their teeth.)


I’m pretty sure you got that phrase wrong, skin doesn’t make any sense at all :slight_smile:

Apparently the idiom is from the U.S., a sort of blending of “no skin off my back/nose” with the Biblical-like “skin of my teeth”. :crazy_face:

So google tells me. No skin off my teeth - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

No no, I’m still not convinced. “The shin of their teeth” makes so much more sense.


Silly not having thought about it before, but better late than never.

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We could also get a movie or a TV series out of it instead of a new game :smiley:

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Monkey Island

Washed-up and forgotten, Captain Jack Sparrow learns about a mythical island with a long-lost secret. He is pursued by his rival Hector Barbossa, who now shapeshifts between ghost, zombie, and demon forms.

What is the secret of Monkey Island? And why have all the monkeys in the Caribbean been disappearing, to travel here?


Every character could get their own show, “Legally Stan” a legal drama, “House of Toothrot” about the machinations of rival families in the tri-island area, etc.



Shouldn’t it be called Return to Pirates of the Caribbean? And we all know who they better let return!
Costs will be at least 300 million dollars plus one and 1 million alpacas plus one.
But that’s going to be worth it.

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