Return To Monkey Island is now official, release date: Sep 19,2022

this is the link to the DevolverDigital official video.

Ron Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital and LucasGames (not MMucas Games :wink: official announced the new adventure. If I’ve understood correctly, it will place its story at the end of MI2, but taking some characters from The Curse of Monkey Island (Murray… any other?).

The countdown has begun!!!

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According to Sushi’s prediction, the game will be released on November, 4th! :grin:


From this Reddit post:

Take this with a BIG PINCH OF SALT: in Devolver Digital official website, the code of the page for Return to Monkey Island contains a block of structured data with information on the game.

There are two date “keys”:

“date_override” : “Coming 2022” (which is what appears in the page to users)

“date” : “2022-09-01T12:00:00.000Z”

It could be a placeholder (in which case, I wonder why that specific date) or the actual release date.

Pastebin of the structured data

Copy of the page on


I doubt it’s going out in 15 days, I expect them to disclose the release date before publishing and 15 days is not enough time in my opinion

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I’m with Guga. Plus the date looks like …

The time has no specific timezone coded in. And I wouldn’t assume that they will publish the game when Ron is asleep. :wink:

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Not on September 1st but sometime in September!

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Unless they misclicked and meant October or December or something. :wink:

No Monkey Island Monday today?


That’s true, the timezone is “Z” which means UTC. It’s noon in Greenwich time.

On twitter, I note how Devolver advertises just one game at a time. Right now it’s “Cult of the lamb”. Previously it was Card Shark. Devolver focuses completely on the latest game, for about one month. It seems it needs/likes to release its games with a one-month gap. This means Monkey Island should not be more than 20-30 days from now.

No Monkey Island Monday today?

I don’t know, but tomorrow there’s something for sure:




User interface reveal!


User interface: Looks like Delores with custom sentence on mouseover. But we haven’t seen what happens with the right button.

I’m uncertain if the “look” is on mouseover, like in Unavowed. :slight_smile:

Edit: wrong thread :slight_smile:

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September 19, it’s official!


Damn, finally. It is really getting hard to avoid everything that has spoilers… Man I still can’t wait for it

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