Monkey Island reference in (unlikely) places

SCUMM bar in Argentina:

I still have to try this one. Although it is in Buenos Aires, it’s not near from where I live.


So… I was watching BBC’s Inside the factory yesterday, when suddenly - while they were talking about sailors, clothing and waterproof sails - I hear something familiar. at 0:14 and 0:45.

Since the bone song is referencing dem bones, is it the same here - a MI background music referencing some preexisting tune - or is it the show’s musician referencing MI in a ship related topic?

PS: yes, Discourse, I do want to revive this topic, since it’s the one YOU suggested me when I was creating a new one.


Yes it is.

Well, good to know. It makes sense in the context, given the title and what you need to do at Rum Rogers’ cottage.


Sea of Thieves very appropriately features some Monkey Island references. A ship seller quotes one of Stan’s lines, saying “Stan” was a mentor:

And, less obscurely, some of the game’s achievements are references to some famous insult swordfighting lines:
There’s also one called “I Wanna Be A Pirate!” Could be more, too…

And it makes sense that that’s the case, considering the developers have said that the Monkey Island series was a significant inspiration to their approach in making the game ( Speaking of which, man oh man would I love to see a new Monkey Island with the graphics and engine of Sea of Thieves. It would work so well!

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Also, there’s a bit more to the Uncharted references than just the painting alone:

And a couple of the Assassin’s Creed games include Monkey Island references, as well; on the Easter eggs list for Black Flag on the Assassin’s Creed Wiki, there is the following information: “In ‘The Pirate Captain’ memory, Edward assassinates a pirate captain called Mancomb Seepgood, which references the video game The Secret of Monkey Island, as a pirate by the name of ‘Mancomb Seepgood’ appears early in the story. However, judging by his claims that soon he will be the mightiest pirate in the Caribbean, it is likely he was also intended as a parody of the similarly-named, better-known protagonist of the Monkey Island franchise, Guybrush Threepwood. Additionally, during Sequence 10, Bartholomew Robertsremarks that ‘there’s nothing like the hot winds of Hell blowing in your face,’ the same line uttered by the Ghost Pirate LeChuck in The Secret of Monkey Island .”
Plus an insult sword fight in Syndicate:

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Just been reading the latest Kickstarter update for Chinatown Detective Agency, sort of a Q&A with one of their developers, and here it’s again:

What are your favourite games?

Computer games: Oxenfree, Heaven’s Vault, and The Long Dark are my recent favourites! I love Stardew Valley too - it’s one I go back to every now and then. And of course, Monkey Island - I played it when I was a kid, and played it again a few years ago - it’s still awesome.

Maybe it’s not such an unlikely place to find Monkey Island mentioned after all, and maybe it’s bound to appear rather more often than not in my small computer game genre bubble, but it still amazes me to no end just how influential that game is!