Monkey Island reference in (unlikely) places

Just came across a somewhat unexpected (but likely widely known) reference to our all-time favourite while playing The Witcher 3. In one of the fist-fights (these tournaments are a regular side-quest in each area of the game), the opponent had the somewhat odd name Mancomb, which should have rang a bell, but did not. However, when the fight started and the guy began talking about how he’d win with his intellect and starts hurling insults my way, it finally dawned on me. On closer examination, the guy even looks (vaguely) like Guybrush (didn’t manage to capture his ponytail, as he kept turning his head) But just look at the shoes!

It’s nice to see that even outside the adventure game genre, Monkey Island still has its fans.


This is a quite recent and popular cameo of Guybrush in Uncharted 4:

An article about it:

How Uncharted 4’s Monkey Island Easter egg nearly cracked

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Wasn’t there a website that collected such Monkey Island easter eggs? Hm…

Probably the only AAA title I have bought since… Half-Life 2 I guess.

There is a section at World of Monkey Island about references. It’s likely very outdated by now.

It’s worth every cent, the world is so huge, I’ve spent far over 120h in summary in the game world on the first runthrough. I went into every corner of the world, completed every sidequest available. It’s unbelievable, how much game content there is. And I love the Witcher books. It was hard ending the 2nd expansion knowing that the game was finally over.

As for references - I love the MI reference. And the game is full of references to many games, films, series and other memes from the real world.

For example this one book from the game made me laugh very hard:'s_Omni-opening_Grimoire

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You also get DLCs, like, without paying dollars for just getting a shitty hat.

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The whole feels very complete and full of details - and it completes the circle of the game world. Kaer Morhen looks mostly the same as in W1, you recognise every part of it. In Hearts of Stone DLC you get professor’s glasses, in Blood & Wine you get multiple adversaries that were otherwise absent from W2 and main W3 game but which are well known from W1 (like barghests, archespores and other). The possibility to import a save game from W1 to W2 and W2 to W3 and continuing to see small details and story elements. Even the nonsense once like having the tattoo that you can get drunk in W2 and still have in W3 after import. It is truly a big world.

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I’m currently at 160h and counting (although the end is closer than I’d wish for). Not using fast travel and playing Gwent at every opportunity certainly had their part in that. Thinking I initially dismissed the game as sporting too much action for my taste … glad I reconsidered after reading the books (which are great indeed! Especially like the short stories, but the style of the last 3 novels is also quite distinct. And it’s funny how there’s a sentence in the short stories that foreshadows the entire “Season of Storms”)

Do you mean the short mention or summary in “Something More”? In retrospective quite awesome, that Sapkowski built a whole novel around this short sentence! Geralt has so many adventures that everything can be of some importance. Just noticed, that English translation of Season of Storms is yet to be released. Now I’m happy that in Germany everything was released already.

Interesting coincidence - I’ve just bought Season of Storms a few days ago. Looking forward to reading it.

As for the game, I think I spent over 200 hours in it. It kept me company for over a year too. I’d like to see more Witcher-related content from CD Projekt Red, but sadly, it doesn’t look like we’re getting any (at least anytime soon). Well, hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 will be another great game we can get immersed in for hours and hours. But Geralt’s sarcastic remarks will certainly be missed.

In a pizzeria in Turin, Italy, there is a menu inspired to the Lucasfilm adventure games world, especially Monkey Island:

Here is the whole menu



Do they serve grog?

Who knows, maybe in terracotta mugs, on request!

Unfortunately I didn’t pay visit yet, a friend of mine told me about this.

I will next week, probably. I go to Turin every week and the place is quite easy to reach from where I work. I’ll ask them about that menu, maybe the owner is also a player of TWP.

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Great! Please take a picture of you with the menu :smiley:


Is it OK if I take it with my smartphone, instead?


Yep, that one! I only really noticed because I re-read the short stories after reading the 6 other books, and it kinda blew me away :slight_smile: . (I’ve also read the books in German; I got my copy of the short stories almost 20 years ago:

The others I only bought this spring.

There’ll be the single player campaign for their Gwent card game:

Not in the same league, but better than absolutely nothing.

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They say that Geralt’s story is over, but they now say that there might be another game in this universe. It was said in an interview:

I can’t wait to get my hands on Cyberpunk. I trust CD Project Red with great storytelling.

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SCUMM BAR - for real, in Italy!


But is this the one based on Monkey Island or the one based on scum? :man_shrugging: