Mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One

I just read that the Xbox One is going to support mice and keyboards. Personally, I am very pleased by this decision, because I’m sure that it will make a whole bunch of genres more interesting for console gamers - such as point & click adventure games.

What do you think about it?

Personally, I wonder if TWP will take advantage of this new feature, because it might need a complete playtest cycle, which would cost money. Nonetheless, it would make sense in terms of playability.

Finally it will be possible to play shooters on a console!

Well, I’ve played TWP mostly with a controller (on PC), so…

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I’m glad that Microsoft decided to add mice and keyboard support to Xbox One, but I don’t think that this change will increase the quantity of people who will play PnC adventure games.

Well, shooters and strategy games will take even more advantage of this. However, the lack of a mouse has been one of the reasons why most point & click games were not even released on console. Seeing that consoles have become more popular over the recent decades, this had to be changed.

Well there is Maniac Mansion for the NES…and of course Super Monkey Island for the SNES…

I never played Maniac Mansion on NES, but Super Monkey Island was really neat. If the SNES had supported mice, I would have owned a SNES console, Super Monkey Island and Super Maniac Mansion Land back in the 90s!

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That probably would have been Super Day Of The Tentacle. But hey at least Lucas Art gave us Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES and that also had tentacles in it:


Oh there was a mouse for SNES and it could be used with Super Monkey Paint!


Look behind you a three-headed fly!


You could build your own three-headed fly:


lol, why is the American SNES so ugly? :stuck_out_tongue:

They didn’t want it to look like a toy and redesigned it completely.
At least they didn’t made the controllers edged, but just made them less colourful.