Point'n'click adventure game evolution

Although everyone here knows CoD is the final evolution of point’n’click adventure games :wink: there are also other branches emerging, like the following:

Point’n’click platformers

There is an upcoming game called Lair of the Clockwork God (Steam; release ~2019-08-31)

See the announcement trailer how it works:

Point’n’shoot adventures

No more stupid clicking, take a look at this teaser of an in-development game:


Isn’t that basically GK3?

Not really, the Twitter post contains a video demonstrating the shoot part.

But I was responding to the video. :stuck_out_tongue:

That point’n’platform game trailer made me laugh. It probably will annoy both pure P&C fans and pure puzzle platformer fans for having to play the other genre. And it will annoy the fans of both genres for being self-aware and all the 4th wall breaking.
But I’d play this!
I didn’t catch the title before watching, so even the way the title is revealed at the end was funny :grin:

The point ‘n’ shoot is more like a gimmick. It is more point ‘n’ throw, actually

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Maybe it will be coop multiplayer, you’d then just have to find a platformer fan.

Yes, it’s also some very early stuff so who knows what will be made from this.

Maybe later you will get improved weapons, allowing you to sniper an NPC miles away to give them an item.
Or a BFG which allows you to talk to all town citizens at once.

4th wall breaking? Welcome to TWP! And I’d play it too!

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