My daughter and Boris

Just a small anecdote.

A couple of years ago I witnessed a murder. If you want I can tell the whole story, but let’s cut it short and just say that I saw a man die in front of my house. In the subsequent days, the story was on all newspapers and I read everything about it (basically because I was afraid that there was a killer on the loose in my vicinity), so we got to “know” the dead man and we referred to him just by his name: Boris.

A couple of days ago we had people visit our apartment since we’re moving and we’re looking for a next tenant, and I told my wife “that guy reminded me of someone, but I can’t remember whom”.
She said "didn’t he look a bit like Boris?"
I said "Boris?"
She said "the guy that got murdered"
My daughter said “the one from Thimbleweed Park?”


And your daugher is 3 (4?) years old!! :smiley:

She’ll be 4 in 4 days :smiley: we’re working on a new generation of adventure gamers, here :stuck_out_tongue:


That´s only just a little bit younger than I was when I first started playing adventure games with my dad. So I say that´s a good age to start. :slight_smile: