Do you play murder simulators? (Poll)

Small spoilers about TWP ahead.

In Thimbleweed Park there is more than one character that realizes that Delores is a developer of murder simulators, which is a clear indicator of the immoral homicidal tendencies of the young girl, making her one of the most credible suspects for the death of Boris.

Following this sound logic, it’s easy to extend the perverted psychological need to kill somebody to the final players of such simulators, people who cannot easily exert their bestial instinct in real life without being punished and who decide to unload their pathological pressure in a virtual environment, expressly crafted to let them freely murder simulated beings.

My question to you is: Do you play murder simulators?

I did, in the past, in a sort of way. I mercilessly squashed a lot of Goombas.

Time to vote!

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Simulators? No.
  • I’m Lenore and I find you question insulting.

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Oh totally, but then that depends on the defintion.

Unironically calling FPS or Sandbox games or Surival Horror murder simulators is as ignorant and short sighted as calling adventure games walking simulators. I know in the context of the game it is used to portray the wrong impression of video games in public (especially in the 1980s) but there is so few where that term would seriously apply. “Chiller” maybe.

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Nope. Can’t stand violence.

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Which titles do you play? Are they recent games that use realistic 3D visuals?

simulators? no :neutral_face:

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(Where is the poll? :))

It was very disturbing for me to play TWP, with its murderous theme and eventual mass-dimensional-extinction. It’s a violent, cruel and merciless game and usually I don’t play such callous titles but in this instance the gameplay warranted one to suck it up and be a sinner.

My path in life is already set in stone given the number of small bugs I’ve murdered in my lifetime, whether on purpose or accidentally. Despite my hatred for violence, I have been a reprehensibly violent man.

To further compound the problem, in younger years I even played games where it was possible to kill simulated living things. I think my kill count in Uncharted games reached roughly 3000, which makes my sins of playing through the first three games about equal to that of playing TWP once.

I’d like to think at least some of you are a better human being than I am, but being a cynic I’m highly doubtful of that. Sorry if this is too honest or harrowing but it’s time to face the music.

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I didn’t think about adding one. Now it’s there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I played one a bit, but I wasn’t a huge fan of The Sims.


I find FPSs really dull, so no.

Many of the most “authentic” murder simulators are not FPS games.

If you’ve ever trapped a Sim in room with no door, or unleashed a flood on a city, or given a piranha plant some radioactive waste in a convenience store, then you’ve played a murder simulator.

I play anything really as long as I like the gameplay. Old and new.

FPS: I never really was a fan of those. I played Doom for a bit but I tend to get lost and bored, because the environments look so samey and there is really nothing much to interact with. I played Far Cry Blood Dragon recently but I guess that doesn´t count because you only shoot robots there, but that was also very short and had an incredibly awesome soundtrack and look. But in general I don´t like the first person view as it´s never like in real life because you don´t have periphal vision. And I´m just to slow to see who attacks me from where in time to not be killed.

Survival Horror: I played the first Resident Evil when it came out and a little bit of the second and third one, I played Silent Hill 2 and 3 and Silent Hill 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. The atmosphere is absolutly mesmerizing and the story especially the near end twist is one of the best in gaming history. I´ll replay that one any day if I can collect the nerves that is. Though there it is also debatable if the things you kill really exist.

Sandbox: I´m a huge sucker for those. I play most of anything by Rockstar. The hugeness of those game is amazing. Red Dead Revolver was a bit to linear for my taste, but Bully is fine and I played almost all of the Grand Theft Auto Games, Vice City I played even multiple times (my favourite of them all) and GTA5 to 100 percent. Yes you can kill almost anybody there but it is not encouraged and gets old soon and at some point you only do it to let off steam when you got frustrated by the difficult main missions. Red Dead Redemption is another favourite of mine as it has one of the best stories and main characters of all times, and the ending gets me even a little watery eyed. Probably also easily the best game in the western genre, can´t wait for part 2. There is a reason those are all some of the best selling games of all time. They´re smart, they´re funny, the worlds are huge the possiblilities are near endless and there is so much stuff to be discovered. If you only know those from their early 2000nds media coverage you have no idea.

Railshooter: Never was a fan of those. I don´t think I played one full game.

Coop stuff like Counterstrike etc.: I get the appeal but when it comes to coop I´m really more into the classic sitting next to somebody on a couch style. I don´t get the whole teamspeak thing and stuff. Even if I currently had friends who played these things the time would just be too precious for a LAN party where everyone sits in his isolated booth and you should short commandos through your headphones.

Fighting Games: I´m more of a Street Fighter kind of guy Mortal Kombat is just too difficult for me.

RPGs: I´m currently playing Shadowrun Dragonfall and really enjoying it a lot. I guess you kill a lot of people there.

Murder Simulators: There is a 1986 game called “Chiller”. If people would really go for the violence and killing only this would be the most successful game of all times and would have a ton of sequels. It is not and it hadn´t. The violence is a selling and attracting factor. But it gets old real fast and the games that are popular are popular because they´re good games, because of strategical elements, cooperation, atmosphere, story etc etc. Chiller has none of all that, it only has senseless killing and nothing else. Almost everybody reacts the same way. with a mix of amazement and amusement. It´s a ridicilous thing and that´s the way people perceive it. It has no reedeming factors while every other of those so called “murder simulators” (which they aren´t) have the other games all have.

I also think everybody who critizises violent games should at least have tried to play some. Because watching somebody successfully murder a lot of people looks a lot different when you don´t know how easy your opponents can kick your ass. Everyone who tried games like this knows that most of them are really really difficult and you tend to focus on reactions and the overall gameplay so you´re happy when you successfully got through a level without dying a bunch of times. It really is a big difference.

Now I don´t think we need to bring about the thing with societies general fascination with violence. Don´t ask the kids consuming the media. Ask their parents. Ask those who happily march of to war bombing childrens hospitals, ask those who blow themselves up in the middle of a crowd. I´m sure they´ll answer.

Personally I can enjoy a good horror movie but I´m still disgusted when looking at holocaust documentary. I can gun down lots and lots of people in a game but I´ve never had a gun in my hand nor do I ever intend to. My chances of survival in an actual war would probably be very thin.

I really got off the track there, sorry.

Oh yeah. Sim City 2000 and 3000 were a couple of my faves.

Hold on a minute. I actually DO have an actual murder simulator in my steam library. It´s called Party Hard and it is really a ton of fun, check it out:

You play a person that goes on a murderous rampage because he´s bothered by the loud noise your hard partying neighbours make, your objective is to kill everybody without being arrested by the police so you can sleep calmly again! It´s top down strategy pixelated fun with a great electro sountrack!

Also I forgot to mention the current Friday the 13th game which is probably a lot of fun with the right friends, because it really plays like an elaborate version of hide and seek.

Now that I think about it, while I haven’t actually installed it yet, I did buy the latest Hitman game. As a game that features an assassin killing unaware targets, that’s probably as murder simulator as you can get out of a legitimate game.

But in Sim City you can decide to murder millions of people within a few minutes. That’s really something quite amazing.

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Two more.

For legal reasons I have to say that I never played the Manhunt games mostly because they´re from Rockstar. Those are violent as shit, and the atmosphere is really dark, but you keep thinking about what you´re doing, also it´s really really hard and I tend to lose patience with stealth games.

The over the top violence of the Hotline Miami games on the other hand is kind of undercut by their simple pixel graphics. But those are mostly addicting because of their high difficulty level and the amazing soundtrack. And the story their is great too. Could easily be compared to Dreamweb (which had also adventure elements) with it´s dark twist.

What about suicide simulators? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway…does Tomb Raider II count as a murder simulator when you close your butler in the freezer?

I was never a fan of FPS because I don’t like fast-paced games, I prefer strategy and thinking. But I loved the first GTA, and GTA3 too.

And, Worms. That was pretty cool. Oh, and Mortal Kombat (but only 1 and 2). And I played Hitman a little bit.


I’m surprised that nobody cited Populous or Populous II. Simulating a deity with the power of spreading plague or creating earthquakes makes these games good murder simulators.

Then you have to call most strategy games “murder simulators” either, because you have kill the other party. AFAIR Command & Conquer even had a nuclear bomb…