My First Time Playthrough of RTMI (Spoiler Free)

Yes it’s April Fools day, and no I am not fooling, I have finally begun playing Return to Monkey Island!

I’ve decided to start a thread here on TWP forums so some of you who might be interested in watching or reliving the game with someone completely new to it, can come along for the journey! Not sure what the best category on the forum for it is, but I think here is probably the right place…

I will post the episodes as they come out.

As I haven’t finished the game yet, please be kind and keep it spoiler free till it’s all over, I will be doing the same by keeping the thumbnails as obtuse as I can, as not to give away any major story beats or anything important.

So far in this episode I play just into the beginning section of Part 1.

I’m actually a little emotional that I have finally started it, and what a perfect day to begin, a year since it was announced!

Thanks to all the team at Terrible Toy Box for making a dream a reality!

You are all a bunch of Scurvy Dogs!


Here is episode 2 of my first time playthrough of “Return”:

Here is part 3 of my first time playthrough of “Return”:

I have to say I really really love the item and people close-ups that appear throughout the game, they remind me of “Ren and Stimpy” or Courage the Cowardly Dog. I have decided to use only Close-ups as any of my thumbnails, to try further obfuscate any spoilers.

My next episode will be next Monday, you could called it “Monkey Monday” if you wanted

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Cool. @dangerouslee I didn’t imagine you looked like Skinny Pete :+1: