NON-SPOILER thread for Return To Monkey Island

This thread is to write your non-spoilery impressions as you play.

No puzzle solutions, major plot elements, or jokes are allowed , unless blurred.

Jokes in particular only work if they take you by surprise, so don’t reveal jokes.

Regarding minor plot events: before mentioning something here, ask yourself “does knowing that this thing happens diminish the experience?” If so, don’t write it.

Examples of things that are allowed:

  • “the music is nice when you meet the drunk pirate”

  • “funny what the ghost said when I showed him the horse armor”

  • “Guybrush has to find four map pieces”

  • “the location near the great monkey head is my favorite”


in the game settings, it looks like there’s a “dialog history” that can be scrolled. I wonder what it is :slight_smile:

Music in the title screen is strangely melancholic: tears :face_holding_back_tears:

Wow, there’s a more verbose mode, called writer’s cut. They talk more, slower pacing!

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The scrapbook: the page we’ve seen for monkey 2 was not the last page! there’s another page for monkey3, and another for the wedding with Elaine.

I promised some people to wait for them before playing it… so this is the only screen I saw so far.

Can’t wait for next weekend!

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My God it’s marvellous :slight_smile:

The first scene is playable :slight_smile: You can guess what scene I’m talking about.

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The smooth music transition when you change location…

And indeed it’s amazing how they explain the monkey 2 ending :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it was possible to pull that off, but they managed to :slight_smile:

Great innovation: I can play with no subtitles, and if I miss a word, I press “,” and the dialog history pops out!

The backgrounds are basically Day of the Tentacle. No more no less. Good enough!

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No, there’s a twist after the twist! This is amazing!

Most importantly, this feels like Monkey Island! The art style does not get in the way!

I’m not seeing my horse armor in the inventory, still in the beginning. Anyone else?

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It appears after the intro! don’t worry.

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My immediate impression is that this is amazing. I was a non-vocal art critic (mostly), but this won me over immediately. It’s probably going too far to say this, but spline in adventure games might be the tech the genre needed to not “die” in the headlines every few years.

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It’s useful, but I think the yakkity yak extra yammering option is much more significant.

I just learned a few things about anchors.

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Metacritic has 88% Steam and 84% Switch so far. Some reviews gush over the art or say it won them over, but IGN does call it an “acquired taste”, so that’s something.

I’m a little relieved that it hasn’t been an overwhelming wave of positivity or negativity, so far. I’d like both Ron and Rex to walk away from this with high satisfaction and self esteem… but to please not do another MI again, please. :laughing:

I wish it felt like MI. I’m 3h in. None of the below is spoiler, but I just don’t like it so far and this is for the sensitive people.

It’s not even a bit eerie or spooky like the first 2 parts. It’s annoyingly cheery. Despite this, it seems to have that depressing motif of the world moving on, which I think is similar to Escape. Barely any hot spots to discover, everything seems dumbed down and in your face. Occasionally there’s something funny but I’m not having fun, really. One thing that is kind of funny, due to the art style, it’s always a guess if a character turns out to be a man or a woman (unless he has a beard), which may be considered progressive I suppose.

So far it’s a let down, not even comparing to MI, but mostly to TWP. It’s like kids game full of references to something they will never get.

Obviously I will continue to play and hope it will catch on.

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Who’s playing in writer’s-cut mode?

  • Me
  • Nope

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