My wife has never heard of Kickstarter

My wife is near the end. She’s trying to get the clue from the Kickstarter video.

In real life, she has never heard of Kickstarter, and has no idea that she’s supposed to look outside the game for the clue. She thinks it’s something to do with the betamax tape, and is getting very frustrated. (I think she may actually no longer have the betamax tape at this point?)

Is she just not geeky enough for TWP? Should I put her out of her misery?

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Isn’t that illegal in most countries?

Answering seriously… yes, I’d tell her. It’s that kind of thing that you can’t get by reasoning, if you lack the necessary knowledge.

Maybe say something like “you know, I saw a nice kickstarter campaign about blah blah” in a totally unrelated context.

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Sounds like we have a new “monkey wrench” puzzle?

(What substantiates my statement in the other thread that TWP is too nerdy to be mass compatible…)

To answer your question:

Yes. If she have never heard of Kickstarter, she will never be able to solve the puzzle.

Does she ask herself what “kickstarter” means or what a “kickstarter” is? If she does that, you could just suggest to her to search for the term on Google or Wikipedia. If she doesn’t ask herself what “kickstarter” is, then you could ask her if she knows what it is.

Anything that triggers a search should do the trick.

I didn’t know what a “spotter” was.

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It’s possible:

You could allow her to use hints.
Another question: What do the hints actually say at this point?


That´s really interesting actually, I wonder if they also mention about resolving the other storylines before Delores.

It does make me wonder how many other people get stuck at this point and just give up. I know we’ve discussed this before but it’s a bit of a limiting puzzle, as it relies on people knowing what Kickstarter is, and how to use it. It’s also a bit more awkward for people using consoles like a PS or Switch. And in terms of longevity, what happens when Kickstarter no longer exists, if the project is removed, etc?

Is this puzzle only on hard mode? I can’t remember…

As for your wife I’d try and gauge if she picked up on the Kickstarter reference, and suggest she Googles it. Then you’re not completely giving her the answer straight away.

It´s everywhere even if you play on casual and have the annoying in jokes off. And I guess to people who use both of these settings at the same time it may be specially confusing.

Right. Yeah it probably is more confusing for those players.