Virgin Media U.K Axe Channels

Anyone here both from the UK and have Virgin Media?

They’re axing all the UKTV channels tomorrow night to be replaced by a load of naff.
So if you like your Dave, Alibi, Drama and Gold you’ve just been shafted!

I am fuming. I will be off to Sky. About 6 programs I watch twice a week are on those channels
and I love Dave for Dave Gorman Gold fo Only Fools and other comedies.

What a bunch of chiselers!

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That’s rubbish! I’m glad we switched to Sky a few years ago.

To be honest though only about 20% of Sky/Virgin channels show anything decent anyway - the rest are either reality or dreary shite. I’m thinking of ditching it and sticking to Netflix/Amazon.

I think it´s really funny that we finally settled on those two (says he gnashing his teeth at the Castle Rock premiere on Hulu next week).

The best argument for having both are the Marvel shows. Half of them went to Netflix and the other half to Amazon it seems. And with the continunity they like to have in that shared universe, you pretty much have to watch all of them.

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We don’t have many other options here, to be honest. And those two seem to be the ones that get the best shows. We already had Amazon Prime as a legacy of our Lovefilm subscription and the free next-day delivery is useful too.

Yeah, the streaming wasn´t really the reason for me subscribing either. First they raised the price for free shipping and then they started to preciously take their time for delivery too. The streaming only came for me when I was on board already.

So did you use to do the whole “get discs in the mail and send them back” thing on lovefilm when they did that? That scared me off from internet renting for the longest time.

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Yeah, I’m halfway through about 5 different shows! What a choker. Alibi is a great channel if like me you like police dramas.

Amazon is price-y for anything good. Lot of free content for Prime members but in truth not a patch on Netflix which I also have. I use Netflix a lot but on Alibi at the mo I’ve just got into a wonderful detective show called Unforgettable and re-watching Rizolli and Isles. Plus there’s a few others. I paid extra to have the top pack so I had those channels like Gold as well. Now they are just putting generic bollocks on in place of those channels.

I had Lovefilm. I cancelled my subscription (then found 3 dvds I hadn’t returned which I thought I had), then a little while later I get an email from Amazon saying Amazon Prime Video is free in your package (but a lot of the content isn’t) nowhere near as good as Netflix.

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I did for a couple of years but realised anything ‘New’ was never in ‘stock’.

Over here Amazon Prime is free Same or Next Day (depends on items), then they offer you to do ‘no rush’ and get £1 every time on your Amazon Prime Video credit. I do that mostly. The Amazon drivers have it really bad in terms of conditions. I feel for them all at Amazon.

Yeah, heheh. Often they’d sit a drawer unwatched though.

That’s really annoying.

Yeah I think I used to watch some stuff on that.

Gold was good for Blackadder too.

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Guys (and gals), there’s a life without TV.

Right here on this forum :smile:


That’s what I thought too after reading this and the Netflix thread… :wink:

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