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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


You’re on!

I was the same for the first few episodes, until Snorri. It’s worth persevering, Mrs Yrface!

Snorri is episode 9.

It’s more Lord of the Rings, eugh, but I still enjoyed it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I just mention that the cuteness of Julia Garner in an elven costume alone is worth it?

Thanks for attention.


Have you seen it all yet?


Long ago, must have forgotten to mention it.


Oh, I thought your earlier references were because you’d just started watching it. Have to compare notes at some point :slightly_smiling_face: maybe when Yrface finishes.


I may have made a “living inside each other´s brains” reference when I was early in. But I don´t think I mentioned it until now.


Ah yeah, that’s what I was thinking of :slightly_smiling_face:


Just put The Kominsky Method on my watchlist. It´s relatively short and has all those great old actors, shouldn´t be too bad.


Cool. I was wondering about that… just heard a podcast with Michael Douglas talking about it. And Alan Arkin is always funny in that old cantankerous way.


Michael Douglas was a blast on Colbert the other day. And seems his old friend Danny DeVito will make an appearence, too!


The Trust

I saw this by accident and had a good time.


Finally some news again.

Black Mirror promises something new on december 29th.
American Gods returns March 11th!