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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


For the nudist beaches I do visit, it is true.


Hey, @PiecesOfKate I saw you writing. What were you about to say? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just testing my keyboard.


Sorry, didn´t mean to put you on a spot like this. :grin:


Finally got around to watch The Big Sick on Prime last night (which I´m sure @PiecesOfKate has also seen and makes me wonder if she has that Mark Snow composed ringtone, too…)

What a nice film! At first I wasn´t sure about a 2 hour comedy, but the story really demanded that kind of time. And Holly Hunter was amazing in it!


Not got round to seeing it yet, but I want to. It really put Nanjiani in the limelight which is good for him but sad for me because I liked it when he was ‘one of us’, heh.

My current ringtone is the Monkey Island theme :wink: but I used to have the X-Files main theme by Mark Snow - is it that or something else?


No, that´s the one. I was just trying to sound original. :man_shrugging:

He has the X-Files ringtone that sounds a couple of times during the movie and at one point where one of the women choosen by his parents for an arranged marriage he just turned down wants to have a comeback at him says:

“Oh, and by the way. I´ve seen the X-Files. Maybe like the first three episodes…and it´s a BAD SHOW!!!”

I could feel his bad conscience for turning her down go out of the window in that moment. :laughing:


Haha :laughing: since it’s autobiographical I wondered if it might have some X-Files references in it. It sounds good. I seem to remember it got nominated for an Oscar which was surprising.


My favourite bit is the scene where Holly Hunter (playing his in-law-to-be) tells off a heckler shouting racist remarks at him during a performance.

But watch it yourself, I really liked it. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I remember reading about that bit… apparently that was based on Holly Hunter’s actual heckling of someone at a tennis match :slight_smile:


We’re giving Fargo (the series) another go (abandoned it last time due to too much multi-watching).

I’m so glad we did. It’s so good. I think the best thing about it is the characterisation – they’re all really interesting characters and they bounce off each other so well. The humour is right up my street.

[on baby spiders hatching from a person’s neck] ‘I don’t think I want to live in a world where that can happen.’ :smile: Delivered perfectly, as are all her lines. The facial reactions with her ‘friend’ at dinner are also perfect – with each revelation you can really see the surprise (and distaste) just before she covers it up.

Billy Bob Thornton’s masquerade as a humble vicar is delightfully hilarious.

I’m not Martin Freeman’s biggest fan but actually quite like him in this.

Not wanting to Google it, how much of the ‘this is a true story’ is actually true, anyone? I was assuming it’s a joke, but now I’m not sure. I can’t remember if it said it in the film but again I don’t want to risk spoilers for the series.


In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel:

“The answer is none!”

I think it even has the usual “work of fiction” disclaimer at the end, but I´m not sure. You can check the next time!


Altered Carbon

The book is suspenseful, the german radio play is good too. It comes with the typical drawbacks Netflix productions suffer from, but it’s still a good story.


Glad to hear that! I thought Season2 was like the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. But all 3 seasons were good. Ewan McGregor really surprised me how good he was at playing completely different characters. But I think David Thewlis takes first prize.

I’m pretty sure Nigel is right. It’s just a cool thing to say at the beginning to make it seem more interesting.

I’ve been trying to slog through Maniac, but it’s tough because my wife actively hates it whenever it’s on. Though the part with Sally Field made us both laugh pretty hard. :slight_smile:


That bodes well then :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t know he was in it! I like him. This show has a really good cast.

Keep going! It’s worth the slog but you have to pay attention!


Have you got to the bit with Snorri yet? That had me in (laughter) tears!


Glad to hear that, and good for you! As I wrote somewhere, I loved Fargo. Especially the very first season. That one has the strongest “fargoish” flavour to me, since is proably the one more linked with the movie.

Actually when I watched the movie back then I thought the story was true, since that was stated in the titles. It turned out to be a fake statement, and the Coens didn’t hide that. The series simply makes the same joke, but obviously the more you go deep in the story, the more it is obvious the story is fiction.
So, where are you? Did you end season one? I loved it, and the character of Martin Freeman is fantastic, with its dark sides and his similarities with William H. Macy’s character from the movie.


True I´d say it´s almost a soft reboot.

They even play with it in the credits a bit in later seasons I think. Like slowly fading out the word “true” while emboldening the word “story” at the same time. I thought that was neat.


We just watched episode 7, ending with Molly coming out of hospital and discovering Lester’s brother has been charged with the murder.

I think I preferred Macy’s portrayal of Lester, but Freeman is pretty good. He does a good accent too, oh ya!


Some characters are merged and switched though and I loved the ending that seemed like a logical conclusion to audiences reaction to the ending of the movie (at least I went: that´s what I always expected to happen in the movie, but it didn´t!)


Deal… if you can make it through Fargo, I’ll finish Maniac. Just need to wait for a night when the wife is out (something about Jonah Hill just repels her).

I don’t remember that… I think I’m on episode 7. Looks like there is some kind of Robin Hood fantasy coming up.