The X-Files 2018


Despite lamenting the last series, this trailer has got me pretty excited.

And it features that really catchy In Your Head song.



That trailer was nice, and it looks like we might get a little more of the Lone Gunmen than just a blink it and you miss it cameo in a tripping sequence.

That’s the one. It’s a right earworm. I wonder if it’s also a clue…

Yes, TLG were sorely underused in the last series! I was expecting a certain revelation based on a rumour, which never came to fruition, so I’m wondering if that will be in this series.

In your hea-ead, in your hea-ea-ea-ead :notes:

At least they were present in the dream sequence. That was a nice cameo. As of the current canon they are still dead.

I liked the 10th season and can’t wait for the 11th to start.

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The 10th season was short but catching, intriguing. And left an open finale.
When the new season should start?

January 2018 according to

Yeah, it was. Reminded me a bit of when Mulder ‘sees’ Deep Throat again in series 7. Warm and mushy feels.

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I wonder if there will be new action figures too… :slight_smile:

I hope so - those ones are a bit odd. I like the Mulder one (he looks very Alan Wake!) but Scully just looks like a 1950s housewife :wink:

Yes, the Scully one is not true to the actual Gillian Anderson. The last episodes I watched were in the third season and, looking at the trailer, she aged well!

I found all that talk about how she might “have done something with her face” a bit annoying. I mean, geez…people age and faces change, and not all actors blow up their cheeks and lips. She´s approaching 50, and looks very natural. Dignified.


Totally agree! Nothing of what me or Katie said about her is in contradiction with your thought :slight_smile:

Indeed. At this age plastic surgery usually starts to get very visible. And some people just age slower and live healthier. So it’s a matter of genes and luck.

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Me too - I’m not a feminist but I feel quite strongly about that. The Daily Mail (UK shit-rag) did a whole two-page spread speculating what plastic surgery she might have had done. It had a massive close-up diagram of her face and pointers to cheekbones, nose, everything. I’m not going to dignify it by linking to it.

She claims not to have had any plastic surgery, but even if she has, so f*cking what? She’s an incredible actress who shouldn’t be reduced to how much botox she has (or hasn’t) had. No one made an article about David Duchovny or any of the other male actors (I think she made that point at the time).

Sigh, I know, I know, it’s the tabloid press and that’s what they’re about.

I do think they made her look a bit odd for series 10 (she looks nothing like that in other things), but it’s probably truer to Scully’s character.

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I liked her very much in Hannibal and The Fall.

Seeing her as a redhead was the most confusing thing for me. Though it’s indeed true to be Scully. :sweat_smile:

I was a huge The X-Files fan, but I stopped to watch the series (actually, any series). There was a point in which the only reason I watched it was because the smoking man was there: he’s one of the most mysterious and enigmatic characters that I have seen in TV.

I might enjoy watching it again but I’m not sure about it. A lot of references to past episodes and series would be incomprehensible to me.

I try to see the positive aspects of taking the distances from the TV entertainment system: I’m not exposed anymore to the gossip side of it which, I agree with @milanfahrnholz, can be very unpleasant.

Before reading this line of yours, I was about to ask you “What can you expect from the Daily Mail?” but you are well aware of the fact that one of their goals is to make other people talking about them, even in controversial terms. It worked for them: we just cited their brand two times. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did too. She’s such a versatile actress. Have you seen American Gods? She does some great character acting in that (it’s also a brilliant series).

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Daily Mail, huh? So that´s what John Cleese is ranting about all the time.

That’s interesting :slight_smile: I don’t know many people who watch it for that character. He is good though, particularly as he was meant to be a one-scene actor.

You’re on Twitter though, right? That’s where I’ve witnessed most of it.

Dammit, Mulder! Redact! Redact!

No that’s MANUEL.

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Am I alone in loving his Forest Gump episode? I know it feels very weird with the tone of the rest of his appearances on the show, but I found the whole idea very amusing.