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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Just done some reading around it and apparently it tells you if you’re on a device where the interactive options won’t work. I’m not sure how it would know that with the PS though.

It does say this:

You can only view Bandersnatch if there is a red and white lightning bolt in the corner of the screen, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the interactive functions.

I might watch it via the Sky Netflix app just in case then.


Is that supposed to be always there or only at the decisive moments?

I´ll switch to the PC if that doesn´t work otherwise I try it on the PS first.

Oh, I get it. It refers to the symbol in the menu.


Screenshot from Desktop PC.


Struggling to find that out… I assumed they meant at the beginning.


Is that a ‘lightning bolt’? :thinking: Hm, not sure.

All I’ve found since is that it won’t work on Chromecast (as @Festarossa said) or Apple TV.

Guess we’ll just have to see like you say.


In any case it certainly must be the symbol they´re refering to. It´s a :boom:.

And I just checked, it appears on the PS4 as well, so it should work.

I just can´t do a double check with a device where I´m sure this wouldn´t appear in, though.


I’ll check against our Chromecast…


I’m currently playing this again. It starts to feel like a game, although I can already see there aren’t that much of the paths to choose from.


After a looong software update I tried it, and got this

So I guess it warns you before you even get to that lightning symbol.

Reckon it should work on the PS4 then :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: then again, that error is related to casting. Oh whatever, I still think it’ll be fine.


Right, I might get to try this then in 90 mins to 2 hrs. Will be interesting if it really be always exactly 90 minutes or if it can be longer or shorter as well.


I’ll probably be watching it about 9. I might not report back until Saturday if it’s long, plus I like to ‘reflect’ a bit first, heh.


My plan was to write something with spoiler tags after I´m done. Don´t know if I manage to do that today or tomorrow. Not sure how soon I find the time for a “second playthrough” though. hah.


Okay first the non spoilery part.

It works on the PS4 and with the vibration on the controller it´s all the more fun to get the prompts for the decisions.

Listening to Tangerine Dream was a great idea, can´t imagine Tomita being so dark and moody.

I “died” a couple of times but you are set back immidiatly so often you see there aren´t that many choices.

Now take care with these parts:

Following Colin seems to lead absolutly nowhere.

You probably have to flush down the pills down the toilet. There is no way around it.

There seemed no way not to kill daddy.

I´d be angry if I got this bad ending only because I forgot the psychatrists number.

In the ending Stefan killed and cut up his father but Bandersnatch became a success and was remade for a Netflix show.


Travelers!!! I caught it 2 years ago when it popped up and season 3 recently came. It’s a good scifi time travelers shows.


I watched it and will give my full thoughts tomorrow.

[spoilers below]

How did you forget the number when she said it while you were typing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can confirm it doesn’t make a difference to that particular ending though. In your ‘final’ ending did he die in the train crash with his mum? That ‘solution’ made me think of The Butterfly Effect.

I think we saw all five possible endings.

My favourite line: ‘What is Netflix? Is it a planet?’ :smile:


I panicked mistype the first number and it all went downhill from there.


Mine ended with him in prison because he put the head of his dad on his cupboard instead of burying him.

Nope, nothing what you said happened to me. Might have to do it again at a later point.

So, what happens when the timer runs out and you haven´t made a decision? :grin:


Hm. Did you play it all the way to the end? After the head on the cupboard it went back to an earlier decision so we could choose bury instead. It basically kept resetting from different points if we got something wrong. Eventually we ended up with the final ending and the actual credits.

I was really flapping during some of those moments :grin: then regretted some of my choices instantly haha.


Yeah, I got set back pretty often. But I did get ending credits. However during the ending credits there was another decision I made for the woman that was working on the netflix show about the game. I let her spill the coffee on the keyboard and then I briefly got a setback option to the cutting up or burying decision, during all this the credits where running however and then it was over.


Oh right. I got that too but it ultimately led to the ending I mentioned above, and then actual credits :thinking: maybe it times out or something?


It was actual credits. But nothing of what you mentioned happened then. Just the whole meta thing of the story of the guy who made a successful game but killed his father being made into a netflix show.

I also repeated many sections a lot, maybe it really does time out?

Now you´re making me think I was doing it wrong. :sob:


Aw I’m sure you didn’t :slightly_smiling_face: maybe I’m just remembering it wrong. We’ll compare notes further tomorrow.


Bandersnatch worked great on our Roku.
I just about finished “watching it”.

I like that you can just let it timeout and make decisions for you though, some of them were a little too gruesome for me to make. Plus I’m kind of beat after a day of work and just wanted to sit back and watch. But if you make the “wrong” decision, it just seems to loop back around with a custom-made montage.

I have to say the fuck yeah, action sequence was my favorite part. I didn’t exactly see that coming. :slight_smile: