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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Haha, I found those ones the easiest :smiling_imp: CHOP 'IM UP!

Yeah that was really funny :grin: I thought he was going to snog her, but the fight scene was so much better.

So did you get the ending where the kid got on the train?


Argh, want to say more but no time! :sob: I’ll write more tonight by which time all my points will probably have been made :laughing:


Reading through Twitter gives me the impression I´ve seen only a tiny fraction of what you can see, because people refer to their favourite bits and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY´RE TALKING ABOUT! :weary:


They could have offered the illusion version as a d64 download.


I think I had a few different endings until I finally drifted off. The one that felt like a real ending to me is his game was released, and despite being a murderer he got favorable reviews. Then during the credits, 20 years later Pearl decided to relaunch Bandersnatch and it showed her programming in Javascript.

It feels like either indie-game dev is way more popular than I thought, or this show was specifically targeted at our retro-gaming niche. I kept trying to get a glimpse of Stefan’s code in BASIC but they made his monitor so bright I only caught a few lines (which I’m assuming is because they didn’t actually make the game).

Who knows, If this thing is popular enough maybe someone at planet Netflix will release a playable version?


Yeah, that´s the ending I got too.

I also wanted an ending where I can punch the guy who gave the Bandersnatch review on TV. I grew to be really annoyed of that dude.


Overall it was a lot of fun. My one beef was with the -10sec on my netflix remote. I let the cereal question timeout and I really wanted to go back and try again, but the rewind button only lets you go back to just after the decision was made.
Not really worth starting over from the beginning, but I’m curious what difference that makes.

Also reminded me of the TWP ending with the meta-fourth wall breaking bit.


That ceral thing must really impact later videos because I kept getting frosted flakes references all the time after that.

I also not regret choosing Tangerine Dream over Tomita since the whole programming montage scenes were really intense with those dark droning tunes from Phaedra. But still I might try that other album next time around.

That christmas shopping window really felt like a game over screen after a while.


Yeah, we chose that one too. Seemed to be perfect for the whole programming montage.


My endings were, in order that I did them:

  • Accepted offer for my game, which ended in the game flopping because it was rushed

  • Chopped up dad and put in prison (Pearl remakes the game in the future)

  • Buried dad and put in prison

  • I’m on a movie set and went off-script, stating my real name and breaking the illusion

  • I went back to my childhood, retrieved my rabbit with the TOY password, got on the train with my mum and died in the crash

That last one was so bitter - it made me think of the Butterly Effect in the sense that if he corrects the past in order to have free will from the start, it will only end in his death. It’s also quite ironic that in the beginning he felt guilty for ‘causing’ his mother’s death by delaying her train, but in fixing that scenario he causes both their deaths.

I’ve realised I didn’t see all the endings - they’re explained quite well here:

I read beforehand that they did that on purpose. It sort of makes sense, but at the same time it’d be nice to do an experimental run now where I can flick back and forth. It’s probably also the way it’s made - it wouldn’t necessarily know what bit you selected before that chapter is initiated - especially since in some cases you can come at the same scenario from different places.


That makes sense. I guess if I really wanted to know I could try again tonight and pick the other cereal, and the other tape on the bus just to see what happens. :slight_smile:

I thought the actors all did a pretty good job. I wonder if they’ll make more like this.


Mhhhh, looks like I only got the first three of those and the third one was permanent, because credits rolled after that and I had no option to go back anymore.

I loved the guy who played Colin! He really put everything in that heavily stylised role. He also seemed familar but I can´t put him anywhere.


Agreed. I really like Will Poulton (Colin) - he was great in We’re the Millers and those are two very different roles.

Just to check, were they definitely rolling? The first time my credits were interspersed with more footage and then it kind of went back again. In the final credits they rolled with nothing else and then went to the Netflix home screen as usual.


The credits started to appear during the Pearl ending. Then I got the choice to destroy her computer or pour tea over it. I choose pour and then the credits rolled without anything else. Then I got back to the option of chop or dig dad. I selected and was put back on the home screen.

I also got 7 of the 9 endings they list in your linked article (all exept Train and Meta)

Once your on the balcony with Colin, drugged out your mind there is no option but to go back anymore.


Ah, okay. I guess it just depends a bit then.

I noticed quite a few references to previous episodes, too – like that the game Colin was working on was called Nosedive (same title as the episode about social media ‘likes’), and the Metll Hed game poster (can’t quite remember how they spell it!) with the image of the mechanical dog-like robot, referring to the actual ‘Metalhead’ episode. There were others but I can’t remember them now…

It was a good one-off, but I’m hoping they’ll make an actual fifth series soon.


Hadn´t thought of that! I thought it worked for what the game looked like, didn´t seem intentional to me, but it probably is!

Yeah, that was obvious enough. I think it was Metl Hed.

Yeah me too. I think you can “say” more with a canon story, too. I hope this doesn´t mean it will take a full year now.


In the meantime I’m tempted to go back and rewatch some of the previous episodes again. I really liked Playtest. And White Bear. And White Christmas! I could watch White Christmas while eating the remainder of my White Christmas.


Yeah, I think I should maybe rewatch Hated In The Nation since that was the one episode which did absolutley nothing for me. I barely can´t remember anything. The heavy scottish accent didn´t help much either.


I wasn’t blown away by that one either, though mostly just because the other episodes were so strong.


It was also the longest, maybe it was just too long.

But rewatching is not a bad idea, with it being an anthology show you don´t feel obliged to watch it all, just the favourites.

On the other hand, my plan is when Better Call Saul is finally over (and I wouldn´t take any issues with season 5 being the final one) I plan to rewatch Breaking Bad just after that.