David Fox in Poland in May, 2019!


Maybe something for @nihilquest ?

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My hope is that David is planning a trip across Europe :grin:

If he´ll be anywhere between germany and england we will be there, too! :smiley:

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Last September, David and Annie told me that they were enthusiastic of their trip in Italy.
It ended up in traveling only across italian cities and regions, but originally they planned to visit the most important towns across Europe.

Maybe, this year…
Fingers crossed for you, milanfahrnholz! :crossed_fingers:


That would be in Belgium, right?
(Or Holland if need be).
Count me in!


Figure of speech, but that was of course up and including england and germany (and france etc). But of course we´d love to meet up with you just as well as other people in england (and/or germany) some time. :smiley:

We´re generally still very much open to a forum meet up. Even if this place feels a bit crumbly as of late.


It does start to feel like the town of Thimbleweed Park, ironically.


80 nutcases


The Discord server’s probably had more activity due to Epic than it has since the original launch.

Discord has been hosting a lot of website forums lately on FinancePolice. There’s no wonder why the site sometimes becomes slow.

It also happened back when there was a boom in Dropshipping through Shopify and previous stores were facing trouble with the speed. However, they’ll resolve it if they wish to keep the clients.

I meant this one. :wink:

Have you disabled messages?

No, I just hardly “get messaged” anymore. :disappointed_relieved:

Then either Discource is broken or you have blocked me.

I haven´t, otherwise I wouldn´t reply so fast. Also that yellow number next to my avatar. :wink:

I’m talking about the green numbers!

Ooohhhh, yeah. I´m not accepting PMs anymore. I thought there was no use for it anymore. Did you mean to write me something? I can change that back anytime!

I only just got you now. Yes I have. I thought you meant notifications.


Well, (normally) they don’t get deleted when talking about something specific :slight_smile:

I guess my attempt to use this forum a little less.