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No-kidnap playthrough

Has anyone done this? I read through a lot of threads after doing my first playthrough and nobody seems to have mentioned it. I avoided triggering the event behind the diner, until at one point it just was no longer possible to trigger it. Then later on it seemed like I could avoid having Ray kidnapped by keeping all the characters together in the same space at the convention in the hotel, and reloaded my save a couple of times. The kidnap event seemed to occur less if you traveled with the map vs. taking exits on each screen.

Hearing that there is probably some secret ending or undiscovered Easter eggs makes me wonder if somehow avoiding the kidnapping could be part of figuring that out, but it’s probably unrelated. In what ever case, this is probably the first time after playing a graphic adventure that I immediately feel like replaying it. Even if there is no actual hidden endings I feel like there’s a lot of depth and detail to the game, and layers to the story, so it would be worth it to replay just for that.


But I can’t remember any details - or a different ending… :thinking: AFAIR it’s possible to avoid the kidnapping. Just don’t walk behind the diner. The kidnapping is only triggered until a specific part.

I think @traz means when you left one of the agents unused for a while and you see a cutscene of him/her on the coroner’s bed. But anyway, it’s still totally possible to finish the game like this.

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@traz can you explain which event do you mean? :slight_smile:

I meant both events. I completed the game without having either occur.

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