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Problem in part 4 (edit: solved, not a problem)

I don’t know if I’ve encountered a bug, or if I’m just stuck.

In part 4, I’ve seen a cutscene where Ray was kidnapped (lying on the coroner’s table), and she was not selectable anymore.

After saving (IIRC) and reloading, she was available again to play though. I don’t know if I’ve encountered a bug, or just forgot to save after having her caught, but I can’t get her to be kidnapped again.

What event triggers the kidnapping?

Hi, relax. It’s not a bug.
The reason about kidnapping, is a debate here on this forum.
Sometimes, it’s agent Reyes who is kidnapped.

According to @Nor_Treblig 's theory, the character was tired to walk everywhere back and forth, so he/she was tired and felt asleep…

Oh… and so it’s normal that it comes back without a warning?

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I´m not sure, but it might be timer based, like the return of the agents also probably is timer based.

Ok thanks, I was surprised to get her back with no further ado.

Yeah. Ron said if the characters had acknowledged to have been kidnapped, the meaning would be lost.

Maybe the returned agents become masters at the slotmachines in vegas, good enough to be dubbed “Mr(s) Jackpots”*

*Whoever gets that reference wins a cup of very good coffee and a missing chocolate bunny)

  • Twin Peaks? something… in my mind…
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Hel-OOOOOO-OOOOOO-oooooo!!! (that means correct, the new season to be exact, which is amazing!)

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There is an acknowledgment in the notebook of the kidnapped agent, though (at least when it was Ray)


I think I need to play the game again, because I’m starting to forget details. Which kind of acknowledgement was in the notebook? I can’t remember it.

Something about “I lost conciousness for a while and still feeling weird but now it´s better again” or something like that. The agent´s notebooks have their to do lists but also some sort of diary about past events you can see when clicking on the left hand page.

I didn’t know either but I didn’t pay any attention to the notebooks anymore after finding out they are used as ToDo lists.

Btw. the entry for that one agent says:

✓ I seemed to have blacked out. OK, now.

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Oh, thanks. I completely forgot about it. I assume that the sentence appears already checked in the to-do list, so I didn’t memorize it well enough, unlike the real to-do tasks.

Yes, unlike the sewer one this entry is added after the fact + ticked off, and it’s added to the notebook of the abducted agent.

Which btw on most of my playthroughs was Reyes. Ray seems generally to be abducted more rarely. I wonder if this has to do with the time you play an agent. Like the one who gets abducted is one that was more neglected by the player (and most people I know of have a tendency to play more with Ray than with Reyes), but it also might be complete coincidence.

Also on my fastest speedrun the scene didn´t occur at all. Which might be because it´s timerbased (if you´re fast enough you can finish Maniac Mansion without the lights ever being switched off).

I can image a logic like a timer coupled to idle time of the agents.

I also remember a bug of the NES version which allowed very quick speedruns since the door code of the Seckrit Lab wasn’t set until Fred played the first time (i.e. until then it’s 0000).

Nope, I’m a Reyes fan, and he was the one that was abducted in my playthrough.

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Okay then refer to the part

of my post then.

Was just a theory.

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