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Natalie won't leave

Hello, loving this game!

I’m stuck on the bit where you have to distract Natalie to get the map.

Reyes has been dragged away by a monster so I only have Ray to play with. I use the policetron to put a call out about a crime Natalie has been waiting for, it switches to the post shop to show that she’s leaving, then when I walk back there she’s standing behind the counter.

It seems you need to be playing both characters to do this, but I only have one.

“This isn’t the map you’re looking for.”
“This isn’t the map we’re looking for.”
“You can go about your business.”
“Move along. Move along.”
(ref. Star Wars: A New Hope)

Thanks… but if that’s a hint it’s too ambiguous -_-

If there’s a different map I need to go for, where is it?

Or is there something I can do to trigger the cutscene where Reyes wakes up in the sewer?

Let’s put it this way. This piece of paper hanging on the wall is not the one you could take outside the office.

I have to get the map and make a copy of it.

But she won’t let me take it. I go to the town office to report a crime over the police scanner to make her leave the news office, and when I get there she’s still there.

Yes. Sometimes the only thing you have to do is… wait. :slightly_smiling_face:
In the meantime, you can pursue other targets on agent Ray’s notebook, or just continue to explore the town.

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As good old @Gffp said, yes, you need both characters. Don’t worry, Reyes will come back

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As a part of the game, you can call the HintTron and listen to the beautiful voice, which can give you a nice hint.

Call 4468

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